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Adam Katz – Tik Tok Rocks | Brand Mentality and the Real-Time Marketing Revolution

Coming from the early days of SEM, Paid Social, and programmatic, I’ve always been a fan of a nimble marketing plan and media plan that lets the buyer pursue opportunities in near-real-time. I built my company Didit on the nimble media plan, even those that require IOs.

For that reason, I was jazzed about my interview with Adam Katz, Chief Revenue Officer and General Manager at Sightly. He and I discussed how the Brand Mentality platform allows brands to anticipate threats and opportunities and respond moment-by-moment in market at speed and scale across multiple publishers and contexts.

Of course, you should listen to the whole interview, particularly where we delve into Brand Mentality and the Real-Time Marketing Revolution; but the most “snackable” part of the interview was to hear how excited Adam was about Tik Tok.

In the full interview, we brand safety and how blunt inventory filtering methods result not only in false positives, but also missed opportunities for brands to reach their target audience in a very relevant context based on their specifically articulated “brand mentality.”


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