Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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The New IO – More Control Than Programmatic

You have some new media buying options, and you may not know it.

All media is going digital to some degree, and media has always consisted of some combination of upfront (forward) markets, transitioning through spot markets to programmatic which functionally includes search and social media as well as an increasing array of digitally delivered options for outdoor, TV, podcasts/audio, video and native.

One pioneer in the area of “upfront” style digital media buying is NYIAX and I had the pleasure of chatting with Greg Toothaker, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at NYIAX about not only the display inventory that is the foundation of digital ad spend but also the new areas of digitally delivered advertising and how NYIAX has partnered with Nasdaq to standardize upfront purchases of an increasing array of digital media.

We started with insertion orders. IOs are still around and while real-time bidding for search, social and programmatic may seem like it has taken over the media buyers brain and wallet, upfront IO-style contacts can deliver a lot of value and predictability to a media plan.


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