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Paid Media Optimization – A Sisyphean Task

Optimizing across paid media channels and within paid media channels is an endless task. One might even call it Sisyphean.

No sooner has a team (agency or client-side) optimized media around the KPIs handed down from above, the media landscape changes. Let’s delve into exactly why this is the case:

  1. Competitive bidding in programmatic, or paid search / social
  2. macro-economic changes or changes in consumer confidence impacting conversion rates
  3. Items go out of stock
  4. Algo changes by the platform (Google is famous for this in paid search particularly)
  5. Surge in fraudulent impressions or clicks within one channel or platform
  6. Creative burnout

The constant re-optimization can’t be fully automated, and that keeps agency and client-side marketers on their toes.

The same issue manifests itself on the publisher/platform side of the equation. Ad-Operations folks in charge of yield management are constantly moving levers around based on changes in demand for inventory.

The promise of AI-based optimization is hypothetically going to free up the optimizers on both the advertiser and publisher side of the ecosystem, but I have a feeling it will be quite a while before an AI alone can see the big picture and do the job of a great optimization team.


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