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First E-Marketing Certification to Debut in Utah Public High Schools



LOS ANGELES, CA (May 23, 2001) --The eMarketing Association (eMA) www.emarketingassociation.com today announced the first e-marketing certification program for students. The Certified eMarketing Associate program, (CeMA) will debut throughout Utah High Schools this year. Robert Fleming, President of the eMarketing Association said, "This is a significant event in marketing education. There are over 350 technical certifications available in many of our nations high schools and colleges. The addition of an e-marketing certification recognizes the importance of Internet marketing competency in the digital economy. It is fairly obvious that recent failures in the Internet sector were not due to poor technology but rather untested marketing and e-commerce practices. It is vital to ensure that the future marketers in this country are proficient in e-marketing practices, techniques and strategies".

The CeMA program involves students completing an online e-course to prepare for an examination which covers current aspects of e-marketing and on-line/offline marketing integration. "There is a significant increase in companies marketing on the Internet, yet there are very few credentialed marketers," stated Fleming.

According to a recent survey by the Information Technology Association, certification follows experience and education as the preference for managers who select and hire job candidates. Mr. Fleming pointed out, "Achieving success in marketing increasingly requires e-marketing competency. A CeMA certification shows employers that a candidate has initiative, is proficient in e-marketing and is interested in ongoing professional development. These are traits that employers look for in filling positions."

The Utah State Office of Education provides a cutting edge curriculum for marketing and e-commerce currently utilized throughout the state's public school system. Of particular note is the fact that Utah has consistently outperformed the U.S. in percentage of students earning high school diploma's and continuing on to receive bachelors degrees since 1940. "We are proud to be working with USOE to integrate this inaugural certification program into their 300+ public high schools," Mr. Fleming said. "Once other states realize the importance for marketing education in the digital economy, we hope they will begin offering similar programs; whether it be ours or someone else's."

As part of the certification program, the eMA includes a special website exclusively for the states' CeMA students. "We have enlisted a high level group of executives to interact with students through the site's bulletin board. This is a very exciting and unprecedented opportunity for students to interact directly with industry leaders in addition to taking advantage of the multitude of other educational resources on the site," concluded Mr. Fleming.

The eMarketing Association (eMA) is the professional association for companies and individuals involved in the practice of e-marketing and the integration of on-line and offline marketing. The eMA is the accreditation body for the Certified eMarketer (CeM) program for working professionals. The CeM program is recognized around the world as a significant marketing credential.
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