Aruba Tourism Authority - 2nd annual eMarketing Conference


ARUBA - 5/13/05 - Robert Fleming, CEO of the eMarketing Association today delivered the keynote address at the 2nd annual eMarketing Conference presented by the Aruba Tourism Authority.

The purpose of the conference was to stimulate awareness and interest for e-marketing. ATA brought a number of experts in the field together who shared their knowledge with the audience, directing them to better websites, e-mail campaigns and other electronic marketing strategies.

Robert Fleming, top executive of eMarketing Association said marketing should not always be highly advanced technically. Just see to it that all the information that you wish your clients to know, is really there. Besides that, surprise campaigns draw the most attention, he suggested.

Fleming recommends businesses not to consider their website as a separate item from their total marketing but to produce a marketing plan that includes Internet.

Bryan Segal, Director of Business Development at comScore Media Metrix researches the attitude of internet users. His company investigates how long users remain on the net and what their interests are. He then charts the demographic characteristics of the users. Segal says that it is very important for a business to chart a target group.

This will help in the design of a marketing campaign that exactly meets the requirements of the group. Bert Heskes of the Netherlands Tourism Council referred to the way in which Aruba is promoted in Europe. With examples he showed which approaches are more appealing to the European.

The conference coincided with the launching of the web site under a new more attractive design.



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