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The eMA introduces the eMarketing eCourse

Los Angeles---2/8/01---The eMarketing Association (eMA), the leading professional association for Internet marketing announced today the launch of a new e-training program.

This new e-training course covers the spectrum of basic e-marketing. Recent market research conducted by the emarketing Association indicates that many business people cite a lack of e-marketing courseware in the marketplace. To address this growing market need, the eMA has developed the e-marketing course, which covers the subject thoroughly. This is a great course for those starting in eMarketing or as a re-fresher to those now managing eMarketing programs. It is very useful to marketing staff members that may be engaged in design, research, publicity or conventional media to acquaint themselves with the tools and techniques of eMarketing.

Subjects covered include banner advertising, publicity, search engines, customer management, keyword marketing and synergy between on and off-line marketing. The course will be administered to students via moderated e-mail. After passing the exam at the completion of the e course, students will receive a certificate of completion and a optional letter to their employer.

"In addition to this new e-course, we have redesigned our Certified eMarketer (CeM) program to admit a wider range of professional marketers", stated Robert Fleming, President and Chief Executive Officer of the eMarketing Association. "Our market surveys have shown a substantial growth in the need for more professional programs for the e marketing arena, and we intend to continue to address that need with appropriate products and services."

The eMA is the professional association for companies and individuals involved in the practice of e-marketing and the integration of on-line and offline marketing. The eMA creates and distributes relevant e-marketing content for corporate, government, individual and educational members. The eMA website www.emarketingassociation.com is home to the e-marketing community and provides a number of essential tools for e-marketers. The eMA is a premier resource for web certifications, professional certifications, seminars, events, processes, trade shows, news, standards, advertising, techniques, and trends. The eMA is committed to enriching our members through recognition, research, advocacy education, and service.