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3rd annual Power of eMarketing Conference

EAST GREENWICH, RI -- NOVEMBER 10, 2003 - The eMarketing Association Today announced it's third annual Power of eMarketing Conference, sponsored by Yahoo! to be held in San Francisco, March 9th and 10th 2004.

The Power of eMarketing Conference adapts to more sophisticated marketing challenges, by focusing on interactive sessions led by high level business and marketing leaders. Produced by the worlds largest and most influential association of eMarketers, this program will provide an environment for the advanced development of marketing efforts.

This event goes beyond the usual conference material and takes the next step up to more advanced strategies and tactics necessary for senior management in today's multi-channel arena. Robert Fleming, president of the eMA said "This is the only conference that is actually produced by emarketing professionals for professionals. The eMA has assembled the top industry leaders to provide delegates with an unprecedented opportunity for advancement. There are no exhibits, or booths, no games or partygoers, just professional eMarketers engaged in the architecture of marketing for the 21st century."

The eMarketing Association (eMA) is the worlds largest international association of marketing professionals, companies, students and governments. The eMA provides marketing resources, services, research, certifications, educational programs and events to its members and the marketing community. The eMA works with a number of organizations, companies and governments on issues related to eCommerce. The eMA has members in over 30 countries around the world, and sponsors or manages over 60 events a year. Over 3,000 marketers have enrolled in eMA online courses and thousands of eMarketing professionals and students have achieved certification status.

Membership in the eMarketing Association, recognized worldwide, indicates a commitment to our profession as well as to professional development and achievement.

The eMA advocates ethical practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eMail marketing, and web site promotion. Members subscribe to a strict code of ethics prohibiting spam, unethical SEO techniques and other practices that are not in compliance with honest and ethical business practices.

The eMA is committed to enriching the marketing community and its members through recognition, research, advocacy, education and service.