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The eMA offers Professional Certification for Professional eMarketers.

( BW)(CA-EMARKETING-ASSOC) eMarketing Association Announces Professional Certification Program

Business Editors

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 16, 2001--The eMarketing Association (eMA) today announced a professional certification program for eMarketers.

This certification fills the need of recognizing eMarketers who have met high standards of experience, knowledge and ethical conduct as is done in other professions.

The program involves an examination and evaluation; upon completion marketers can use the designation Certified eMarketer, or CeM, on business cards, stationary, Web sites and other forms of communication.

Robert Fleming, president of the eMA, said: "Since the practice of e-marketing is relatively new, marketing executives need a program that certifies competency. The CeM designation announces professional competency to employers, clients and peers in the e-marketing profession."

The objectives of the program include establishing and maintaining a uniform standard of professional competency in the field of e-marketing, recognizing professional expertise, experience, knowledge and ethical conduct.

Examinations are scheduled for six times in 2001. The examination is administered by the eMarketing Association. Additionally, two years of e-marketing experience is needed to qualify for certification. "We have worked with colleges, state educational professionals and e-marketing professionals to develop the criteria for the CeM examination," Fleming said.

Since many marketing programs are purchased over the Internet, most people don't really know with whom they are dealing with or if they are qualified. CeM certification can provide peace of mind to clients of marketing services. Certification can be verified on the eMarketing Association's Web site.

The eMA is the professional association for companies and individuals involved in the practice of e-marketing and the integration of online and off-line marketing. The eMA is a premier resource for Web certifications, professional certifications, seminars, events, processes, tradeshows, news, standards, advertising, techniques and trends. The association is committed to enriching the e-marketing community through recognition, research, advocacy, education and service.