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CeM Benefits -Professional Members Only


Professionalism - Certification indicates a high level of professionalism to your coworkers, customers and clients, increasing your consultative value.

Leadership - Certification signifies that you are dedicated to continuous improvement of yourself and the professional standards of your staff.

Recognition - Certified CeM professionals receive a personalized certificate, and the privilege of using the CeM designation on their letterhead and business card (i.e. Joan Smith, CeM)

Knowledge - Certification will improve your understanding of the most current sales and marketing processes and trends.

Achievement - Only a small percentage of eMarketing executives achieve certification, indicating you are a leader in the eMarketing profession.

What is CeM Certification All About?

Since the practice of eMarketing is relatively new, marketing executives need a program that certifies professional competency. It is important to recognize the eMarketers who have met high standards of experience, knowledge and ethical conduct as is done in other professions. The eMarketing Association certifications fulfill this need. The certification designation demonstrates that you are a professional. Certification announces your professional competency to your employer, clients or customers-and to your peers in the eMarketing profession

CeM Certification Objectives:

1. To establish and maintain a uniform standard of professional competency in the field of eMarketing.
2. To recognize professional expertise, experience and knowledge and professional conduct.
3. To encourage continuing education and professional development among eMarketers.

How Do I Become CeM Certified?

1. Become an eMA Professional Member
2. Certify to 2 years of eMarketing experience
3. Pass the certification examination

When and Where do I take the Test?

CeM Certification examinations given at your convenience and are conducted via moderated e-mail. The testing time is 2 1/2 hours. Applicants that fail the examination may retake the test one more time without additional fees.

What Will It Cost?

There is a $190 examination fee required. Additionally, you must be a professional member in good standing. You will recoup this investment many times over in the form of job advancement, performance, leadership in your profession and recognition.

Refund Policy:

Candidates who have paid the application and examination fee and cancel in writing at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled examination can request to take another scheduled examination without incurring additional expenses, or receive a full refund of all fees paid. Persons who have not withdrawn their application fee and fail to take the examination as scheduled will forfeit the entire application and examination fee.


The CeM Exams are taken at your convenience. Please allow one week for the eMA to process your request and have an online educational professional contact you to schedule the exact exam time.

There is a 2 1/2 hour time limit to taking the exam.