Advanced eMail eCourse- for all eMA Members

The Advanced e-mail Marketing Course provides a contemporary and comprehensive learning program for e-mail marketing.

All eCourses will be sent out within 24 hours after reciept of your online payment. You may complete the course(s) at your own pace online.

The course is designed for marketers with a general knowledge of e-marketing techniques and processes. Students should complete the e-marketing course first or have general experience in e-marketing prior to taking this advanced course.

$99 for non-members - with your member discount only $75.00

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When you complete the Advanced E-mail Marketing Course you will know:

    • Permission marketing
    • e-mail list rental
    • e-mail list compilation
    • software platforms for delivery of e-mail
    • legal issues
    • Spam
    • Design techniques for effective e-mail
    • Writing styles for more response
    • Ethics
    • Metrics for e-mail marketing
    • hyperlinks in e-mail
    • HTML vs. plain text
    • Using rich media and graphics
    • Filtering systems
    • E-mail bounces
    • Timing of e-mail releases
    • Managing e-mail marketing
    • ASP solutions for e-mail campaigns
    • Privacy issues
    • COPPA issues
    • E-mail marketing planning
    • Demographic and Psychographics applications
    • Strategic positioning of e-mail in the media mix

The course is INTERACTIVE and you will have an opportunity to ask questions of your personal instructor via e-mail.

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