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What is the Certified eMarketing Associate (CeMA) Program?

CeMA is an e-marketing certification program accredited by the eMarketing Association (eMA). The program provides certifications to students and individuals who demonstrate competency in the eMarketing arena after completion of the CeMA exam

What does the eMA offer as far as resources?
Please note that the CeMA website is still in the process of completion.

The eMA has created the CeMA website for students.

Why has the eMA introduced this certification?

A recent study by the eMA indicates that 70% of all marketing positions are requiring e-marketing competency. There is a gap nationally, between current academic curriculum and employer demand for e-marketing skills. School systems have recognized this gap and are offering solid programs in e-commerce. The eMA strongly supports these programs and offers an enhancement in the form of a student certification. This program will help prepare the future marketers for the challenges of tomorrow’s business environment.

What is the value of a CeMA certification?

The CeMA certification provides a mechanism for students to demonstrate competencies. It provides employers with a tool to use when hiring and screening job candidates. It provides college and university admission boards with insight into a students initiative, competency and commitment. It gives scholarship committees valuable information about a student's motivation.

Having a certification is a critical factor for people who are new to the marketing profession.

If a student plans on going to college what use is the CeMA Certification?

A student can use the certification as an aid to get accepted at a college and then while there deploy their credentials and knowledge to work in situations to help defray the cost of their education.

How much does certification cost?

CeMA rates are determined by the method of delivery of your examination. States and teachers that offer CeMA in their classes, administer the tests and therefore CeMA rates are much lower than when the test is administered online.

offering the CeMA Program to their schools: $40.00 per student.

Teachers (high school and college only)
offering the CeMA program in their class: $51 per student

not in a state or class offering CeMA: $384.00 per student.

eMA Members can become CeMA Certified for a $10.00 discount.

Those passing the exam are also registered in our database should a college or employer want to verify the status of that person.

What happens if students don’t pass the exam?

Students are permitted one (1) additional examination at no additional charge if they fail the first examination. Please contact the CeMA Department for more information on this issue.


The CeMA Exams are taken at your convenience. Please allow one week for the eMA to process your request and have an online educational professional contact you to schedule the exact exam time.

There is a 2 1/2 hour time limit to taking the exam.