eMarketing Conference


Dear Fellow Marketer:

The new complexities of our profession are escalating and creating profound changes within our ranks. The advances in technology have affected our industry immensely and will continue to do so at an ever increasing pace. The line between so-called "traditional" media and e-media is blurring and convergence is inevitable. New tools and techniques are being developed every day, and it is our obligation as marketers to keep up with this ever changing landscape.

Knowledge and expertise in emarketing is no longer a sidebar, but essential to our growth and success, now and in the future.

The Power of eMarketing conference is a "must attend" event for marketers that have a commitment to our profession and their own professional development. I have no use for ordinary conferences, and dated material, and I know you don't either. At the eMA we do what it takes go go one better, providing a one day jam-packed schedule of timely sessions led by experts in the marketing profession. This interactive and participative event can change the way you approach the challenges that we all face.

The Power of eMarketing will give you what you need to stay on top, including a cross-industry platform packed with exciting ideas and effective strategies. Here is a preview of September in Redondo Beach:

1. Learn how to use emarketing techniques and tools to drive your offline sales.

2. Engage in energizing discussions and relevant case studies

3. Explore new ways to supercharge your marketing programs for greater ROI and effectiveness.

4. Understand the new tools of email marketing, banner advertising, search engine marketing and more.

5. Meet your fellow marketers, spark new ideas, business opportunities and friendships.

The Power of eMarketing Conference will provide you with the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the curve in an ever changing environment.

I am looking forward to meeting you in September.

Best wishes,

Robert Fleming
eMarketing Association


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