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The staff at the eMarketing Association are committed to serving its Membership by providing timely responses (always within 24 hours, usually sooner) to their questions, concerns, and/or problems concerning this website or any specific eMarketing issue. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

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"I joined the eMA last year and it was one of the best investments I have made. I saved the entire cost of my membership with the discounts from the members area."

-Elizabeth Raugh
Professional Member

"After joining the eMA, our company started a new email marketing program, I was able to get personalized consultations in the member area. The consultant was very knowledgeable and saved us a lot of work and a lot of money."

-Seth Goldsmith
Associate Member

"The eMA is the only association out there that is really focused in the
eMarketng space. The benefits and services are outstanding, I have used the resources available to members on a number of occasions."

-Paul Itri
Professional Member

"The eMA helped me get a raise! Since our company puts a high value on professional development, I joined and took all the eCourses. When it came time for my review I was able to demonstrate that I had successfully completed a number of marketing courses. This was very good".

-Elaine Tagget
Associate Member

"Thanks for all your help, your online consultations are amazing. The eMA researcher got back to me within one day with a number of email marketing firms that I could work with to implement our program. This kind of unbiased advice is hard to come by, a great member benefit".

-Susan Hampshaw
Professional Member

"Thank you eMA for a great organization. I am a member of several other "marketing" associations, but have never gotten the personalized service that I receive from you. I will be upgrading my membership to a professional status this month".

-Mike Ross
Associate Member

"The eMA is the best association that I have ever been involved with. Cutting edge conferences and events really make a difference. I have attended two conferences and each time I have made valuable contacts and gotten an excellent value."

-Tim Purdue
Professional Member

"My professional membership has helped me get new clients. Since I do web marketing every bit of credibility I can offer my prospects helps. Being a member gives me an edge over many other consultants."

-Steve Sander
Professional Member
  1. How do I choose the right membership?

The eMA offers 5 levels of membership.

1. Platinum Corporate
2. Corporate
3. Professional
4. Associate
5. Student

Company memberships:

Platinum Corporate Membership - If your company wants the maximum value, then platinum is the way to go. The membership includes 3 free eCourses for employees ($297.00) value, one set of eCourses for the company membership liaison ($270.00 value), a free professional membership for anyone in your company ($175.00 value). That is a total of $742.00 in platinum benefits alone. Add to that free website certification ($99.00 value), entry into the site of the year awards ($99.00 value), free online directory listing (9.95 value), another free eMarketing course (79.00 value) and you have over $1,000 in benefits. Not to mention all the other discounts and benefits available to anyone in your firm in our members area. For all the benefits see the membership benefits section click here.

Here is how it works: One person at your company is designated as the membership liaison, and he or she will receive all correspondence from us regarding membership. We will send that person access codes to the members area. Your company liaison can then disclose the member sign in password to any employee of the firm. We will offer all benefits to all employees, as long as their email address matches your URL. All memberships are for a period of one year. The 1st year dues for platinum corporate membership are $2,995.00, after your first year you will receive a 50% discount on renewals for each year thereafter.

Corporate Membership - Our most popular company membership. You assign one person to be the corporate liaison and all correspondence, member kits and information will be sent to him or her. You will receive a free online eCourses ($79.00 value) plus free entry into our site of the year awards ($99.00 value), and a listing in our directory ($9.95 value). Plus you will receive a 50% discount on any individual membership of an employee at your company. Additionally, there are a number of other discounts and benefits that you can offer employees through the member only area. See the benefits section for complete benefits.

Individual memberships:

Professional Membership - Our most popular individual membership. This membership entitles you to apply for a Certified eMarketer Credential (CeM) ( additional fee applies). You also receive a complete professional benefit package, free eMarketing eCourse, free listing in our online directory for the company of your choice, and other great benefits. See benefits section for complete details. If you are an experience marketing professional then this is the membership for you.

Associate Membership - If you have limited marketing experience, then an associate membership is the one to pick. You receive a complete benefit package, along with a free eMarketing course and free listing in our online directory for the URL of your choice.

Student Membership - If you are a full time student then you qualify for a student membership, you will receive a great package of benefits at a reduced price. See the benefits section for a complete list.


2. What is the difference between a company and individual membership?

A company membership stays with the company and an individual membership follows the member. In other words, when you are lets say a professional member and leave your current company your membership is still valid. Company memberships are not "movable" in that way. Additionally, in order to qualify for CeM certification you will need a professional membership. If your company is a corporate member then you can join as an individual member for 50% off. Company memberships give organizations the opportunity of offering a large number of employs great benefits at a very low cost. Additionally they help provide the organization with the credibility of membership with the worlds largest and most respected eMarketing organization. All members can display the eMA logo on their site, but corporate members can receive a free site certification with custom jump page to enhance their sites credibility and value to customers.


3. Do corporate members receive pass codes for all employees for the member area?

No, the member liaison (person appointed to handle member issues) is given a pass code to the members area and can set a password for all company employees. Employees then can access the member area. Employees must have an email address with the company URL to qualify for discounts and benefits.


4. What will becoming a member do for me or my company?

There are many reasons for membership, you can utilize your membership on your resume for career advancement, utilize the many targeted resources in our members only area, receive discounts on seminars and trade shows as well as web services, download reports, white papers, articles, reports and statistics, and keep up to date on the latest trends in eMarketing. As a corporate member you will receive a free site seal as well as a 50% discount on all memberships for your employees. Corporate membership is a great way to offer employees professional development at a very low cost.


5. Do you have to prove experience to be a professional member?

No, although if you do not have marketing experience then an associate membership is more appropriate for you.



6. What is the biggest difference between an associate and professional member?

The biggest difference is that a professional member qualifies for CeM certification. There are also some discounts exclusively for professional members.


7. Where do members get logos to display on their sites and promotional material?

There are logos for each member level in the members area of the eMA site for your use. You may display the logo appropriate to your membership level. These can be used on websites, business cards, stationary, brochures, advertisements in fact anywhere where communication of your commitment to high standards would be useful.


8. What is in the members area?

See http://www.emarketingassociation.com/about.htm - for some of the resources that are available in the members area. We are constantly upgrading the content, so this list is a partial one.


9. What kind of resources do you offer for the CeM Examination?

Professional Members of the eMA have the option of taking the CeM exam and becoming CeM Certified (Certified eMarketer). All members of the eMA have free access to our white papers, glossary of terms, resource links, articles and our eMarketing eCourse. These learning tools will be of great help to anyone becoming CeM Certified.


10. Can I get a list of membership?

No. The eMA never offers its list to any third parties, and has a very strict privacy policy. If you want to reach our members we suggest purchasing an ad in our newsletter, resource section or sponsoring an eMA event.


11. Does the eMA have local chapters?

No, the eMA has members in over 40 countries around the world, presently it is not possible to have local chapters cover the large area we service. However, the eMA does sponsor or manage over 50 events around the world each year for face to face member networking.


12. I am already a member of another marketing association, why join the eMA?

The eMA is the only significant association in the world that focuses on eMarketing. This arena is so critical, and complex that it requires a different approach to education and resources. By focusing on this one area of marketing we are able to cover it completely, giving you an advantage over those stuck in 20th century marketing.


13. Does the eMA have a section where I can post my resume?

Yes, the eMA has one of the most comprehensive job banks in the world. Powered by CareerBuilder, our career center allows you to post your resume and search for employment using geographic, job type and many other filters. If you are an employer it is a great place to look for new employees.
See http://www.emarketingassociation.com/career_center2.htm for more information.


14. What does the eMA do differently than other associations?

The eMA takes a different approach for it's members. For example, we are one of the only associations that offers 24/7 online consultations for free, a library of PDF, PowerPoint and word files and a free interactive marketing course for members. We are committed to making you more successful. We take member services very seriously and return your email requests or inquiries within 24 hours. Membership in the eMA signifies your commitment to marketing in the digital economy. It is credible evidence of your dedication to professional development and interest in your profession.


15. How much does it cost to renew my membership after a year?

1/2 of the amount you originally paid for your first year membership.



16. What events do you offer members?

The eMA has an annual conference on both US coasts every year, additionally we hold seminars and sponsor other events throughout the year. Your membership will entitle you to a discount on eMA conferences and many of our sponsored events.


17. Do you offer members discounts on car rentals?

No, we do not have discounts on car rentals, trips to Disneyland, hotels and other non eMarketing products and services (excluding a health program). Those discounts are available everywhere, so we concentrate on discounts specifically for marketing and Internet products and services. In many cases the eMA offers its members discounts on products and services that are not discounted anywhere else.

18. How do online member consultations work?

As a member of the eMA, you can receive online answers to any of your eMarketing questions for free. Our online consultants and researchers, will usually get back to you with an answer within 24 hours (weekends excluded).