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Frequently Asked Questions

Since these are complex subjects eMail Marketing and Search Engine Marketing, how can you present so much in so little time?

This conference gets right to the point. We have eliminated superfluous theories and opinions. The sessions deal with how to implement these programs for maximum effectiveness. Your workbook will provide a resource for further study and resources following the seminar.

Who developed the seminar content?

The eMA has provided educational programs and resources to over 300 schools and colleges, and over 3200 marketers. Content was developed by the eMA with the consultation of educators and professional marketers.

When will I receive my certificate for the seminar?

Register early and you will receive your personalized certificate at the conclusion of the seminar.

Does the morning session include lunch?

The morning session includes breakfast and one refreshment break. The afternoon session includes one refreshment break. Full day attendees will receive breakfast, two breaks and lunch.

There is a large group that would like to attend from my company, are there any group discounts?

If five or more people are attending from the same company, we will provide you with a group rate.
Email service@emarketingassociation.com for more information.

Will this seminar prepare me for the CeM or CeMA certifications offered by the eMA?

Although the information presented will be of assistance in securing your certification credential, eMA certifications require knowledge beyond the two topics covered for more information on certification see:


What level of experience is a pre-requisite for the seminar?

Most attendees will have marketing experience. You should have a fundamental knowledge of the Internet, browsers, and business. Attendees range from Presidents of companies to specialists in marketing. Virtually all marketers will benefit from these sessions. We guarantee it.

How can you guarantee more effective marketing for attendees at this

We have years of experience in delivering solutions to marketers, these sessions are so well produced that it would be difficult NOT to benefit. We think you should receive value for your registration dollar, so if you are not happy with the program, we will credit your full registration towards a future eMA event, membership, certification or online course.

What if I register and then cannot attend?

You can receive a refund of your registration fee minus a 25% service charge up to 30 days before the event. If you like you can substitute another person for your registration at any time. We cannot offer refunds after December 15, 2002, however we will credit your registration fee towards a future eMA event.

Why is the "early bird" discount so substantial?

Event management involves a lot of details, early registration provides the eMA with cost efficiencies, and therefore we can pass a savings along to you.

Can my company sponsor these seminars?

If your company is in the news media or eMarketing arena you can sponsor this event subject to approval and availability. Sponsorship information is at:


What will I receive at the seminar?

You will receive a session workbook that will be a valuable resource, and reference guide. Addtionally, each participant will receive a personalized certificate of completion for each session, special discounts from software and online providers, a "goodie" bag with gifts from our sponsers and the eMA. Full day attendees will receive a breakfast, two breaks and lunch. Morning attendees will receive breakfast and one break. Afternoon attendees will receive one break. And of course the most important thing, a well designed program designed to substantially improve your eMarketing efforts. See the program for the most up-to-date information.

I am already doing email and search engine marketing, what will I get out of this seminar?

The arenas of eMail and search engine marketing are so new and things are changing so fast that even experienced eMarketiers will learn new techniques, processess and strategies. New software and updates provide new options for eMarketers on a regular basis. Online service providers are continually offering new services and more effective programs. The material in this seminar series is brand new, and up to date.

The eMarketing Association (eMA) reserves the right to make changes to the events agenda. Unforeseen circumstances may result in the substitution of a presentation, topic or speaker. The eMA reserves the right to reject or rescind any registration and return registration fees accordingly. Registrant assumes all risks incidental to participation in all event activities, including loss or damage to property. eMA's total liability shall be limited to the amount of fees received, if any, from a particular registrant.

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