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Day1 - March 9th
Day2 - March 10th

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Program - Day 2 - March 10th, 2004

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Registration and Continental Breakfast

Day 2 Keynote Address:

Speaker: Janice V. Kapner
Sr. Director, Marketing Communications
Microsoft Office-Live Meeting

Marketing in a New Industry - Education vs. Differentiation

Join Ms. Kapner for an information and experience filled discussion direct from the front lines of marketing some of the hottest technologies to hit the enterprise marketplace. The challenge...when do you both educate the market vs. differentiate it? Can you do both? Should you do both?

Learn key strategies and tactics of marketing a newly developed offering versus a commodity item.

Key Items of the discussion include:

• How to educate a nascent market
• What works?
• The fundamentals?
• The digital world & it's importance to market education
• Can you differentiate while educating?
• How to compete?


Are You Spamming Your Customers?

Speaker: Elaine O'Gorman
Vice President of Strategy- Silverpop

CAN-SPAM legislation mixed with consumer fatigue and changing permission attitudes have dramatically reduced the efficacy of email as a customer acquisition tool. Fortunately, email still produces valuable results as a retention marketing tool, due to its low cost, speed to market and ease of personalization. But as your organization concentrates its email marketing efforts on a more focused and relatively smaller audience--the universe of your existing customer base--there is a dramatic increase in the probability that messages coming from different parts of your company will overlap and conflict. Smart organizations are creating internal governance models that ensure a unified voice to the customer, while still retaining the flexibility that makes email a great medium.

The presentation will expose you to governance structures that work and give you a checklist of items that you should be looking at within your own organization, like:

• Branding consistency
• Channel management
• Frequency optimization
• Calendarization
• Organizational suppression

Networking Break - Refreshments

Cross Media Chaining:
Integrated Marketing Strategies to collect dividends on your existing marketing investments.

Speaker: Paul Lewis
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing- mindcomet.com

Integrated marketing has been used successfully for many years. However, with the combination of Internet and CRM technologies, a new type of cross media “chaining” can augment marketing campaigns to drive consumers to additional engagements and take part in viral marketing to deliver substantially higher results.

This session will cover methods for aligning the appropriate mix of media with a well-planned relationship process to attract consumers and build a relevant ongoing dialogue with them. The methods outlined will be tied back to real-world case studies from clients such as Heineken, Kawasaki, SpeedTV and more. When you leave this session you will know…

• What results you are “leaving on the table” today
• Effective guidelines for relationship planning
• How to leverage perpetual cross media synergy to multiply your impact


Designing sites for effective e-commerce

Speaker: Mike Grandchamp
VP Marketing - DigitalRiver.com

This session will give you practical "how-to" information to help you design and merchandise your site to maximize the performance of your e-commerce initiatives. You'll learn what works and what doesn't based on Digital River's experience with more than 34,000 clients. You will see scores of examples of effective site design and merchandising, and the results they produced. The session also includes informative case studies for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce. In this session, you will learn how to:

• Evaluate your e-commerce site design
• Design your site for maximum sales
• Merchandise your site to increase revenues
• Utilize the most effective e-commerce technologies for customer acquisition, retention and growth
• Streamline your purchasing process
• Project, track and evaluate your results

Networking Luncheon - Sponsored by Findwhat.com and Verizon

Search Engine Marketing in an Integrated Marketing Plan, Planning and Allocation

Speaker: Kevin Lee
Co-Founder/ CEO - Did-it.com

Search Engine Marketing is hot. Studies show that one of the most common by Internet users is search. Many marketers swear by the results that search engine marketing has delivered. However search is still a new addition to most marketing plans and confusion exists as to exactly where and how search fits into an overall, integrated strategy. In this session,
Kevin Lee will cover the best ways to answer the following questions for your organization:

• Where does search marketing belong in your overall marketing plan?
• How much should you budget toward organic SEO efforts?
• How should you set a paid search marketing budget?
• Should your Ad Agency or Interactive Agency be handling SEM?
• Is search marketing a technology issue or a marketing issue?


High-Performance Metrics, Process improvement through actionable measurement.

Speaker: Jeff Cram
Director of WebTrends Web Marketing - webtrends.com

If you can't measure it you can't manage it. Metrics are critical to high performance Internet marketing. Marketing campaigns today must be designed to be measured, analyzed and iteratively improved. Understanding which of the hundreds of Marketing metrics to focus on - and why - can be a daunting task but it is critical to success. Web analytics has become a must-have for organizations wanting to make smarter decisions about their Web site. Attendees of this session will learn a marketers' key performance metrics on the Web as well as customer case studies demonstrating improved revenue from making simple Web site design changes.

Attendees of this session will learn:

• The 5 areas you should measure as key performance indicators of your marketing initiatives.
• How to leverage specific reports and metrics to make smarter decisions and improve the effectiveness of your web site.
• How other organizations have utilized web analytics to be more successful online.

Networking Break - Refreshments

Strategic database marketing, utilizing eMail for cross channel promotion.

Speaker: Chris Baggott
Co-Founder - ExactTarget.com

This session will focus on the ways to maximize your email marketing program, utilizing tested data mining strategy and effective segmentation. Integration with on and offline promotions, spam and targeting will be covered.

• How to segment your email list for maximum ROI
• Retention vs. Acquisition email marketing
• How to optimize your database for cross channel opportunities


Conquering Pay For Performance Marketing Challenges

Speaker: Alfred Chow
Verizon Information Services

Consumers don't search for products and services in one place any more. They want content and precision results when searching on
the Internet, not a mixed bag of results.

Analysts agree, pay-per-click and monetizing the Internet local search is the key to success for online search. The challenge is comibining rich content, comprehensive key words and listings, and searches targeted to a specific local market anywhere. Whoever cracks this code will enable advertisers to reach consumers in search of their product or service. By monetizing each hit an advertiser receives online and allowing that advertiser to bid for ad rates based on market demand, the business realizes the true value of online advertsisng, while tracking its traffic and managing spending quickly and easily.

Alfred Chow will address the challenges of meeting these online demands in the hot pay-per-click market.


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Agenda for day 1

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