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OK, lets get started - and remember to take the test at the end.

Reminder: this course is interactive, you can e-mail me with questions or comments at any time. Now, let's continue...

By the end of this section you will have an understanding of the main principles of integration that firms need to focus on as they use the Internet in their marketing strategies.

The Opportunity of eLifetime

Businesses that have a large customer base not currently online should need to have an relevant online presence. First, consumers want the option to get information about your company online. Second, demand for the net is increasing not decreasing. Basically, it isn't a risk to publish a small adequate web site, the true risk lies in not having a presence at all and further, having a website that doesn't collate with your off-line campaign. New devices such as iPhones and tablets, make relevant online content and communication essential to any business.


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