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Congratulations to all of you that did so well on step one!
At the end of this course you will receive:
  • A personalized certificate of completion.
  • A listing on our verification database.
However, you MUST complete all tests in order to receive your certificate and listing. Additionally, you must pass the final exam. If you have not done the test for step 1, please try to complete it as soon as you can.

As an eMarketing professional, you need to utilize many different tools available to you--like a water color artist does when he/she blends different colors to create a beautiful picture. From a marketing standpoint, your picture (e-business) has to be accessible and create customer attention. As you learn these principles of the new economy, your ultimate objective will be to market through all channels of contact and earn consumer attention.

The inception of the Internet and the World Wide Web has spawned a brand new vocabulary that eMarketing professionals should know and understand. Following are some of these words and definitions:

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