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eMail  is the most popular online activity (yes, even more popular than social media). According to Juniper Media Metrix, it is used by 98% of the people online. eMail marketing in its purest form is interaction, speed, and communication. No other medium has the power of communicating with existing and potential customers like e-mail. It has the ability to produce interaction with people in all facets of life from business to school with minimal cost and at the click of a button.

eMail marketing has proven to be an effective integrated marketing tool. Approximately 110 trillion emails were sent on the Internet in 2010, compare that to "just" 25 billion tweets. The average number of emails sent each day exceeds 300 billion. Unfortunately, almost 90% of that email was spam. The single most important aspect of email is that is it relevant to your audience. You may scan through dozens of spam emails, but more than likely that one from your grandmother, wife or friend will get your attention and get opened and read.

eMail is one of the reasons why we have the Internet today. ARPANET was the first system that was the email that we have today. It was developed with intention to ensure communication between government and military, even if parts of the network were destroyed. In the 1980's e-mail wasn't a very effective marketing tool because it wasn't connected directly to the Internet and it didn't allow messages to be exchanged independently among themselves.

eMail is changing.  With the increased usage of tablet computers, and smart phones many people are receiving and sending emails on devices other than conventional computers.  This can make a difference when designing email. Large graphics and images don't play well with portable devices.  As more and more people use portable devices to access email, you will need to design your message with this trend in mind.  Additionally, unlike a conventional computer, you cannot rely on your user to be seated in a comfortable place.  He or she may be in line at the supermarket or shopping for tea when they get your email message.  So keep it short and to the point. Use type that is flush left (it's easier to read on phones). And make sure your own portable device is up to your standards on your signatures.  Do you really want your reply's to read at the bottom "sent from my iPhone", if so ok, if not go to settings and customize your signature.

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