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Don't Just Take Our Word For It - Testimonials

"I very much enjoyed taking the course. Your positive attitude [John Taylor] made all of the lessons and exams easier."

-Kendra A. Finck

"After spending two full days dealing with bounce backs, out of office replies, removes (some that were pretty nasty), and requests for different formats, we decided maybe there was just a little more to this than simply blasting to all the email addresses in our system. So our next stop was to the eMarketing Association site where we promptly signed up and started their eMarketing Certification course.

This was a cool little course. Weekly we were given assignments that included research and design projects. The course covers banner ads, website design, email marketing, and eNewsletters. This was just the certification course; the Professional Certification is much more in-depth and the test is very comprehensive."

-Kimberly Cromwell

"The program was a valid high-level overview of e-marketing components. I have worked in the e-marketing field for the past two and a half years. My goal was to evaluate the content the EMA training provides and to determine how I could use this training with my team. Although my team requires more in-depth training on SEO, this course is perfect for my firms other AE's who primarily sell traditional marketing services. I was also pleasantly suprised to see the section on PR. PR is one area that I often forget in my own presentations/pitches. Overall evaluation - good content, well presented."

-Christopher A. Rothgeb

"Another stellar class, John! I have learned so much great information. I was actually having some trouble building my opt-in list and then I read that the method I was using was one of the worst. Glad I took your class to find out! So now I am using my new knowledge to make a new plan on capturing user information on my web site.

Thanks for a wonderful course, I am recommending it to all my e-marketing pals!"

-Elizabeth Beasley

"This was a fantastic class! I learned so much from each module and now I am going to rework our company web site based on all of the coursework suggestions. This class was definitely well worth the money. Anyone who has a web site needs to take this course!"

-Elizabeth Beasley

"I enjoyed the format of this course. The segments were rich with content, yet manageable. I also appreciated the additional resources and links provided. It was nice to learn that I am already doing many things right. I feel more confident about planning a strategy for e-marketing my Web site. I would recommend this course, and I would be likely to take another course from eMA."

-Karen Juday

"I've been doing some e-mail marketing on my own, but the eMA Advanced E-mail Marketing Course gave me the specific training and information that I needed to take my programs to a more effective level. The information is worth far more than what they're charging and perhaps the most valuable part of the course is the ability to interact with the instructor and other students about real-world problems and solutions, not just theory."

-Beth Bridges
iBridge WebMarketing, Fresno California

"The Advanced eMail course was really useful. Beyond just filling in knowledge gaps, it's really helpful to have fundamental rationales and best practices nicely organized and referencable. The resources were also particularly helpful...it's amazing what you learn simply by following the links."

-Scott Anderson

"Thanks for the course, I learned some things that I "thought" I knew but really didn't understand the details. I got a BBA in marketing in 1991 but the Internet was primitive so to speak and I really had to learn the Inet on my own. This class helped and I have a notebook full of notes and the lessons for reference. Again Thank you very much."

-Charles Leon Brawner


I really enjoyed taking the eMail Marketing class. I have learned so much about email marketing and now have the confidence to tackle my first program. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for more indepth information on email marketing.

- Jodi L. Scheckermann, Pharm.D.
Aventis Pharmaceuticals

"The class "Advanced eMail Marketing" was rich in content and professional in delivery. Each step offered information that can be used for reference again and again. Exercises and references came handy for applying what you have learned. I have book marked all the resources we used in the class to use them for my work. The instructor, John Taylor, was always accessible, supported us throughout the class and provided great links to learn more about the art of eMarketing. Everyone who wants to excel in the eMarketing field should take this class."

-Irina Ilina
Information Integrity Coalition

"I found the Email Marketing course to be quite practical and a very good source for related E-Marketing resources. I have performed several campaigns and this course not only confirmed some of my suspicions, but also provide tangible approaches and tips to use in future campaigns. The course encourages discussion with classmates, who often provide useful resources to stay on top of the latest techniques in email marketing."

Randy Klingner
Global Marketing - Hollister Incorporated

" I have learned so much from the Advanced eMail eCourse. It's excellent! It gives you answers where you never knew there were questions. In other words, it's very thorough and fun."

Cathy L. Long
CSR Coordinater/ Administrative Assistant

"The course was incredible. I've learned so much more about E-marketing. Though some of the lessons were based from off-line marketing methods the incorporation made it easy to relate to.

I am more than certain and confident that this information has made a positive different in my future endeavors as an e-marketer.

John, I thank you and the eMA for providing such a course for beginner as well as professional marketers."

-Gavin Latham
March eCourse Student

"The entire course has been very informative, particularly the "Search Engine" segment. I look forward to applying my new skills to marketing our web site."

-Lisa M. Welch
eCourse student

"The eMA online course provided concise and informative material related to concepts that effect how eMarketing is done on a daily basis. The information was very relevant to my current tasks as an eMarketer. The ability to access the course during times which fit into my schedule was also a plus and the instructor was always available as a resource."

-Brad Stradtmann
Manager eBusiness
Invensys Energy Solutions

"The eMA marketing course by email was convenient and helpful; practical lessons and real-world applications. Thank you."

-Jonathan W. Petersen
eCourse Student

"For me, such an eCourse was very useful in two ways, the 1st one that it was
useful and organized information, and the second one that it helped me to organize my thinking in a scientific way within a specific period for each model....

Thanks a lot, by the way, the message board is very helpful..."

-Nidal S. Bitar
eBusiness Consultant

"I'd like you to know that your personalized, continuous communication really differentiates this course."

-Liz Craig
eCourse Student

"This ecourse is a great asset for every emarketer. Great material for all levels of emarketing professionals. The interaction of this course was great; quick email responses with excellent content. Thanks for the great information and responses to my questions."

-Neal Skuro
eCourse Student

"I loved this course and learned a lot from it. Lots of current, valuable information presented in an easy to digest way. Well organized and well taught!"

-Barbara Ingman
Seagate Technology

"I think the course was very helpful in clarifying terms and outlining essential information every web marketer should understand. I for one was impressed with the depth of the material provided in such a succinct manner and look forward to taking more of these courses in the future. In this business time is always of the essence and this course made learning fun, easy and quick."

-Lynn F. Tumulty
Director, Marketing Communications

"The eMarketing online course was terrific. We had a great group of students who possessed a wide variety of experiences and our instructor, John Taylor was always available to answer any of our questions and inquiries. The course fit well in my working schedule as I could read during my lunch hour and could take an exam at any time of the day. All the lessons were succinct and comprehensive. The most useful lesson for me was on the Search Engine Optimization as it walked me step-by-step through the complex topic and provided me with resources I could use immediately. Thank you for a memorable class."

-Irina Ilina, Marketing Specialist,
Information Integrity Coalition

"I really enjoyed taking this course. The material was presented in a way that was easy to understand and I liked the internet format. I was also impressed with the level of interaction and the personal attention, i.e. when you contacted me when your e-mail was not getting through to me."

-Erin Wetzel
eCourse Student

"The online eMarketing course is a wonderful and the benefits to you, your company and clients are unlimited. This course provides its lessons through email and provides links to the material you will be studying. You are encouraged not only to read, do the exercises and tests, but more importantly to actively participate with the instructor throughout the duration of the course should you have any questions. It is a great way to learn, thank you eMarketing Association!"

-Susan Eskdale
SEA Consulting