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Connect with fellow members

A lot of people ask us if we have chapters. We currently do not but we host several events both on the East coast and the West coast of the US. We've also helped many members host events of their own in the UK, Australia and in Mexico. Here are a few ways you can connect with each other:

1. Attend our annual conference. We offer registration to members at cost. We facillitate meeting one another. When you get there, we know who you are and you are disignated as an eMA Member. Oftentimes, members meet prior to or after the event to catch up, network and discuss the latest trends. Over the past 15 years of conferences, we can boast 23 marriages and 9 children as a direct result of our events. Yeah, marketing gets us excited, too!

2. Join the Member Directory. This is a new benefit. To be listed in the directory please submit your information. All our lists are opt in only and you can be removed at any time. No fields are required except for you name, however, the point is to connect. Link us to your twitter or facebook or company url if you are not comfortable sharing your email address. Remember, the eMA does not, under any circumstance, share your information with anyone. We guard your information like a rooster does his pen.

3. Apply for Member of the Month and be featured on our home page. Why not apply and get the recognition you deserve? Let us know why you are special and we will let 700K marketers know about you and feature you on the index page of our website as well as on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn! If chosen, you are then entered for Member of the Year and permenantly featured in the member area. Member of the Year also receives a fancy eMA microwavable coffee mug. Such distinction!

4. Follow us on LinkedIn   Facebook   Twitter Our followers are well over 700K (and growing)That's a lot of connections to be made!

5. Submit an article or a resource. Our member base is choc full of avid readers and who doesn't love a good resource?