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Please include the location and dates of the conference (s) you have attended to expedite the approval process.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What are the benefits of this group?
A. You will have enhanced networking via direct contact with your fellow attendees, sponsors and speakers. Discounts on future conferences from the eMA and its partners, and first up invitations to special events.  We will also be adding a special members only site with exclusive content including videos and presentations from our all of our conferences.

Q. I am a member of the eMA can I join the group?
A. Only if you have attended an eMA conference, membership alone does not qualify you for this group. Members can join our Main Linkedin Group.

Q. I attended an eMA conference several years ago, do I still qualify to join the group?
A. Yes, just use the email above to request your invitation.

Q. I have not attended an eMA Conference but would like to join is there any other way I can get in?
A. No, this group is comprised of attendees, sponsors and speakers of eMA events.

Q Will I receive eMail as a result of joining the group?
A. Your email will never be distributed to any third party, the eMA will send periodic service bulletins out to members with conference discounts and news.

Q. An associate of mine attended an eMA conference, and would like to transfer group privileges to me, is that possible?
A. No

Q. I am a sponsor and would like to have several people signed up for this group, how many people can join with a sponsorship?
A. All sponsors can sign up two people for this group.