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CeMA Trainer Program

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If you presently teach business or e-commerce in a state high school or college you do NOT have to become a Certified CeMA trainer in order to provide the examination and certification to your students.

Benefits of becoming a CeMA certified Trainer:

1. You can offer seminars, classes and workshops built around the CeMA certification program.
You can charge fees for these programs to enhance your income.

2. You can provide curriculum, and training to help your students or event attendees pass the certification examination.

3. You can incorporate the CeMA program into your adult education workshop or class.

4. You can offer the certification in a corporate environment or to your corporate clients.

Steps to becoming a Certified CeMA Trainer (CCeMAT)

1. In order to be come a CCeMAT you must first of all become CeMA certified yourself.

For more information on that process, go to: www.emarketingassociation.com/cema_indiv.htm

2. After completing the certification process for yourself, e-mail taylor@emarketingasssociation.com with a current copy of your resume. You will be given a short instructor qualification examination.

Upon passing the instructor qualification examination, the eMA will certify you to prepare students for CeMA certification.

You will be authorized to use the eMA and CeMA logo in your promotional materials.

The eMA will supply you with some curriculum materials.

The annual fee for CeMA certified Trainer is $175.00. You will be billed after you qualify.