eMA's CeMA Program Resource Center

The CeMA Process





Step One:
Contact us via email and with the approximate number of students that will be taking the exam.

Step Two:
If your school is paying for students simply email the eMA with a list of the students taking the exam and a check for the total number of registrations ($52.00 each).

Checks made payable to eMarketing Association (see below for mailing address).
If students are paying for the exam then download and print the appropriate number of student applications.PDF and mail us at the address below with checks attached.

Step Three:
Upon receipt of your payment we will produce individual certificates for each registrant.  In the event that an registrant fails the exam, you can opt to retest. Simply discard certificates of students that fail the exam.  We will also send a copy of the latest examination along with an answer key.  You will have to duplicate these and distribute during your testing session.

When the eMA recieves your student payment and Enrollment forms, we will send you the appropriate amount of the following materials:

  • CeMA Exam (master copy, you will have to make copies for your students)
  • Teacher Answer Key
  • Personalized Certificates

Teachers will grade the exam in class. Once a grade has been given, those passing the exam are CeMA certified and can use the designation Certified eMarketing Associate (CeMA) on their resumes, applications, biographies or other relevant documents.

We ask that you email the eMA with the students final grade so that we can then update our database to indicate those students that are CeMA certified.

If a student does not pass the exam, you can then discard the certificate.

Mail payments to:
eMarketing Association
4259 Old Post Road - Charlestown, RI 02813