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Unaided recall: A research method in which a respondent is given no assistance in answering questions regarding a specific advertisement.

Unfair advertising: Advertising that is likely to harm the consumer. The FTC has the power to regulate unfair advertising that falls within a very specific legal definition.

Unique selling proposition: The unique product benefit that the competition cannot claim.

Unique visitor: A unique visitor is someone with a unique address who is entering a Web site for the first time that day (or some other specified period). Thus, a visitor that returns within the same day is not counted twice. A unique visitors count tells you how many different people there are in your audience during the time period, but not how much they used the site during the period.

Unlinked page: The title of an unlinked page does not show up on your Web site's navigation bar. Instead, the pages specific URL, or page locations, must be coped or typed in. Unlinked pages are used to provide premium content used as an incentive to encourage visitors along the five-stage customer development cycle.

Unsubscribe: Remove name from an e-mail list

Upsell: To encourage a customer to purchase a more expensive item, an add-on, or related product.

URL: Uniform Resource Locator. Address designating the location of resources on the Web; it includes the user's registered domain name.

User session: A user session is someone with a unique address that enters or reenters a Web site each day (or some other specified period). A user session is sometimes determined by counting only those users that haven't reentered the site within the past 20 minutes or a similar period. User session figures are sometimes used, somewhat incorrectly, to indicate "visits" or "visitors" per day. User sessions are a better indicator.

Utility: The value a consumer receives from a product's design.

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