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Tag line: A brief phrase of three to five words that encapsulates a company's purpose or marketing message; often appears on business cards or in signature blocks.

Target Market: A group of people to whom a company directs its marketing campaign, products, or services.

Text link: A hyperlink pointing to a merchant's site that is not accompanied by a graphical image. Affiliates can use text links rather than graphical links on their sites. Text links are easy to use, require little space on the page, save download time, enhance usability, and are the most clicked-on type of links available. Text links also enable affiliates to link a merchant's site form a word or phase.

Thread: A topic of discussion in a news group or forum.

Time to market: The speed at which a company can begin to sell its product or service.

Title Bar Branding: An excellent opportunity for an advertiser to associate their brand with a specific website or piece of content. The advertiser's logo is placed within the main title of a specific page or pages on the host site and along with a short piece of text, e.g. "sponsored by" or "brought to you by."

TITLE tag: In HTML code, the line that contains the words that appear in the title bar of a Web site.

Toolbar: A type of sponsorship that is very effective because of its ability to be placed within the context of a page. They are not animated but can be image-mapped, making them especially useful for consumers.

Toolbox: A sponsorship type of rich media that provides ample room both for advertiser branding and to serve as a tool for the user. While no animation is allowed in toolboxes, they can be image mapped.

Top-referring sites: Sites that most frequently refer visitors to another site.

Tracking software: Software residing on a server that measures the number of unique visitors who visited your Web site, how long they spent, and what Web sites they came from.

Trade advertising: Advertising designed to increase sales specifically for retailers and wholesalers.

Trade character: People, characters, and animals that are used in advertising and are identified with the products, e.g. Jolly Green Giant and Tony the Tiger.

Trade name: The name under which a company operates.

Trade stimulants: Sales promotions directed toward retailers and distributors that are designed to motivate them both and increase sales.

Trademark: Icon, symbol, or brand name used to identify a specific manufacturer, product, or service.

Traffic log: Summary of visitors to your Web site, maintained on your server, identifying visitors by computer number, the time of day they visited, the pages they visited, the length of time they spent at each page, and the previous and next Web pages they visited.

Traditional direct marketing: Includes sending information by mail and using telemarketers to contact prospective customers.

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