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Name-your-price model: Empowers customers to state the price they are willing to pay for products and services.

Navigation: The underlying structure of your Web site, referring to the way pages are linked to each other either through a graphic navigation bar or text links) generally underlined and in blue). Your Web site succeeds to the extent it is easy for visitors to intuitively locate desired information.

NAD: National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. This organization serves as a major self-regulatory mechanism for advertising.

NARB: National Advertising Review Board of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. When an alleged problem arises with an advertisement, and a satisfactory solution is not obtained via the NAD, above, the NARB acts in the capacity of an appeals board. It reviews the decision of the NAD, and passes judgment on it.

National advertising: Advertising which is aimed at a National Market, as opposed to Local Advertising.

National brand: A nationally distributed product brand name. May also be distributed regionally or locally.

Near-pack (Near Pack Premium): An item offered free or at a discount with the purchase of another product. The item can be positioned close to but may not touch the purchased product. A type of product promotion.

Net cost: The costs associated with services rendered by an advertising agency excluding the agency commission.

Net unduplicated audience: The combined cumulative audience exposed to an advertisement.

Netiquette: Guidelines for appropriate communication in news groups and mailing lists.

Network address: Electronic mail address or address of a host machine.

News group: One of thousands of open discussion groups on Usenet. Requires a full-service Internet account and new group readers software provided by as ISP or browser.

Nonlink: Advertisement on the Web without a hypertext link. Usually less expensive than a linked ad.

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