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Lanham Act: Federal trademark law.

Lead generation: Includes new customer registration and having visitors sign in to receive a newsletter or use a free demo.

Learning corporations: Relationship marketing term that describes firms that customize their products or services on the basis of their customers' preferences and previous purchases.

Legacy site: A previous implementation of a web site with which a new site must remain compatible.

Legitimate business interest: Determines whether a business had reasonable interest in invading an employee's privacy.

Link: A technique in HTML that allows a user to jump from one location on the Web to another. Can occur within a site or between sites. begins with <a href=

Link checker: A link checker is a program that tests and reports on the validity of the hypertext link on the pages in a Web site. More advanced link checkers test links to other Web sites as well as links between pages on the same site. A link checker may be a separate program that specializes in this service, part of a larger program that provides a range of Web site publishing services, or provided periodically as a service from a remote application server.

Listsbot: Cross between list and robot. A type of mailbot that automatically processes requests, sending out information.

Listserver: Software that manages mailing lists on mailing list servers. Listserv and Majordomo are two of the primary mailing listservers.

Live banners: Ads that allow users to take an action without clicking through to another site.

Local advertising: Advertising to a local merchant or business as opposed to regional or national advertising. (2) Advertising placed at rates available to local merchants.

Local rate: An advertising rate charged to a local advertiser, typically a retailer, by local media and publications, as distinguished from a national rate that is charged to a national advertiser, typically a manufacturer.

Localization: The customization of a Web site for different countries and/or languages.

Log file: A text file that records all activity on a server: the items that are requested (Web pages, graphics, etc.), the times they are requested, the browser used by the surfer, and other information. Traffic analysis software crunches log files to produce traffic reports that are easy to understand and use as a basis for measuring Web site success.

Logo: Name-only, paid advertisement on the Web, usually smaller and less expensive than a banner. May not link to named site.

Logotype (logo): A brand name, publication title, or the like, presented in a special lettering style or typeface and used in the manner of a trademark.

Loss leader: An item priced below the retailer's cost, meaning the merchant loses money on each unit sold. In both traditional as well as Web commerce, loss leaders are offered to draw customers into the store; where in theory they will also buy enough profitable items (during that visit or future visits). In this way, the merchant makes more money on the whole than if the customer had never stopped by.

Lurk: To participate in a news group or forum by monitoring traffic without contributing.

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