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ICANN: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The international organization that manages top-level domain assignments on the Internet.

Image advertising: Promoting the image, or general perception, of a product or service, rather than promoting its functional attributes. Commonly used for differentiating brands of parity products (e.g., "This is a woman's cigarette").

Impression: According to the "Basic Advertising Measures," from FAST, an ad industry group, an impression is "The count of a delivered basic advertising unit from an ad distribution point." Impressions are how most Web advertising is sold and the cost is quoted in terms of the cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Imprinted product: A promotional product, this is a product with a company logo or advertising message printed on it.

Inbound link: Viewed from the target business site, a one-way link coming from another site.

Incentive: A reward, typically non-cash that an affiliate receives for sending visitors to the program-provider merchant's site.

Incentive catalog company: A company that creates an incentive program for sales people, and provides them with a catalog from which they can select their prize or premium.

Incubator: A company that specializes in the development of Internet businesses.

Independent contractor: A person who is hired by a company, but works for himself/herself. The company is a client, rather than an employer.

Independent station: A broadcast station that is not affiliated with a national network of stations.

Independent site: Not affiliated with a network.

Industrial advertising: A form of business-to-business advertising (see above), this is advertising aimed at manufacturers. This advertising typically promotes parts, equipment, and raw materials used in the manufacturing process.

Information architecture: Emerging field concerned with creating user friendly Web sites that load quickly and make it easy for visitors to locate desired information.

Information technology: Department or subject concerned with managing business processes and information.

Informediary: A third-party content syndication or aggregator who coordinates the flow of content created at many sources and distributed to many outlets.

Inline Ads: Either graphical, HTML-based, or a mixture of the two. They generally reside within the flow of a page's content, although they may be placed outside the right margin of a page. They are usually vertically oriented and may be quite long.

Inquiries: Consumer response to a company's advertising or other promotional activities, such as coupons. Used for measuring the effectiveness of some promotions.

Insertion order: An insertion order is a formal, printed order to run an ad campaign. Typically, the insertion order identifies the campaign name, the Web site receiving the order and the planner or buyer giving the order, the individual ads to be run (or who will provide them), the ad sizes, the campaign beginning and end dates, the CPM, the total cost, discounts to be applied, and reporting requirements and possible penalties or stipulations relative to the failure to deliver the impressions.

Intensive distribution: Distributing a product through a wide variety of outlets.

In-pack premium: A premium included in the packaging of another product (e.g., buy a can of shaving cream and get a free razor in the same package). The term Package enclosure is also used.

Intellectual property: The protected ownership of rights in ideas or the expression of ideas, specifically trademarks, service marks, copy rights, and patents.

Intelligent agent: A software program that performs a human-style processing task, e.g., upselling customer by suggesting additional products.

Internal link: A link within a Web site between pages, files, images, or paragraphs.

International advertising: Advertising a product or service in a country other than where it originates.

Internalization: Involves restructuring the software used by an e-business so that it can process foreign languages, currencies, data formats and other variations involved in conducting business globally.

Internet marketing campaign: Applying traditional marketing techniques to the Internet and incorporating Internet-only marketing techniques such as banner advertisements and w-mail into your marketing strategy. Marketing research advertising, promotions and public relations all should be addresses.

InterNIC: Internet Network Information Center. Maintains the master database for domain name registration.

Interstitial: An online display ad that appears between two destination pages.

Intranet: Internal network with Web like operations.

Inventory: Inventory is the total number of ad views or impressions that a Web site has to sell over a given period of time (usually, inventory is figured by the month).

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