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Competency List:

  • Internet marketing definitions and terms
  • Integration of online and conventional marketing
  • eMarketing Business models
  • Internet history and statistics
  • Banner Advertising strategies
  • Banner advertising design
  • E-mail techniques and strategies
  • E-Mail problems and challenges
  • Writing styles for e-mail
  • Use of HTML and text in e-mail
  • Ethics in e-mail marketing
  • Mailing list criteria for e-mail marketing
  • Use of auto-responders
  • Target marketing
  • Permission marketing models
  • Legal implications of e-mail marketing
  • E-Commerce promotion tactics
  • E-Commerce strengths and weaknesses
  • Online publicity
  • Writing online press releases
  • Developing news stories
  • Developing effective databases
  • Effective search engine optimization
  • Directory vs. search engine differences
  • Metrics for eMarketing
  • Paid Placement search engine models