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The eMarketing Association has a list of over 900,000 members, many of which are Fortune 1000 companies. We offer a few advertising options. If you have a resource or message you think would benefit our members, please email Cheryl Fleming CFleming@eMarketingAssociation.com with 777 in the subject for further details. We offer full send ads as well as partial ads.

Please note: we only message our members once a week so spots fill up fast.

Once your ad has been approved an eMA technician will contact you within 24 hours and coordinate your scheduling.


Resource Section

If you have a product or service you feel will be beneficial to your fellow professionals, you can add a resource in our resource section for $150.

Your ad will be placed within 24 hours and will remain for a period of 1 year.

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Please note: this option is free for all Corporate Members of the eMA and the listing will remain indefinately.