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mohamed ali

Mohamed Ali
Director of SEO
Comrise Technology, Inc.

Mohamed Ali is the Director of SEO at Comrise Technology. His interest in SEO was sparked in 1998 when a search engine company called Google was created and he failed at searching for himself due to sharing a name with the greatest athlete of all time, famed boxer Muhammad Ali. This simple vanity search led to over a decade of SEO research and education.

He is a subject matter expert in: digital marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, and Internet lead generation. Mohamed is a frequent speaker and moderator at marketing events as well as local and regional chapters of the Chamber of Commerce.

His latest project includes working with Facebook’s Platform & Product Marketing dept. on optimization of their Premium Ads and organic landing pages. He has worked with both Fortune 500 companies as well as hundreds of small- to mid-sized businesses in SEO & digital marketing campaigns as well as e-commerce collaborations.  

He advocates practicing SEO as a complete optimization of a business’ entire digital footprint. Fittingly, he offers consulting services through his company, Digital Footprint Marketing. In addition to countless blogs, whitepapers, and online discussions, Mohamed is launching an e-book due for release in Fall 2012.

For more information on Mohamed or to join him in his charitable efforts, visit

Chris Baggott

Chris Baggott
CEO and Co-Founder

Author: Email Marketing By The Numbers

Over the course of his twenty-year career, Chris Baggott has redefined what it means to be a marketer.

In 2001, he set up a desk in his friend’s garage and worked alongside Scott Dorsey and Peter McCormick to build ExactTarget, which has since grown to become a world-leading, multi-national email service provider. In 2007, Chris created Compendium, a business blogging platform with the software, tools, and services that empowers companies to create, capture, moderate, and broadcast their messages online. Two years ago, Invesp dubbed Chris one of the 25 most influential marketers in the world. In short, Mr. Baggott knows his stuff when it comes to business blogging, content marketing, and email marketing. In fact, he literally wrote the book on the latter when he penned Email Marketing by the Numbers in 2006.


Nick Besbeas
VP of Marketing

Nick Besbeas joined LinkedIn in January 2011 to lead the company’s global marketing strategy. He came to LinkedIn from Yahoo!, where he was Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing and Insights. During his five years at Yahoo!, Nick also led business-to-business marketing, direct marketing and customer support. In early 2000, he co-founded the marketing and business analytics firm digiMine, now Audience Science, a leader in behavioral and audience targeting. Prior to that, he was head of the Direct Marketing and Business Intelligence group at Microsoft, MSN, where he pioneered standards for direct marketing and customer intelligence on the web. Nick has also held roles at Quill Corporation and The Signature Group. He holds a BA from the University of Illinois and an MA in Economics from DePaul University.

Andrew Bonar
Director of Deliverability of Global Operations

As the Worldwide Director of Deliverability at Emailvision, Andrew Bonar oversees the successful delivery of over 6 Billion email messages a month. He is responsible for developing and evangelising best practices in permission-based marketing with Emailvision clients and industry associations. Andrew is supported by a global diverse team of specialists in technical, marketing and best practices, who liaise with over 150 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from around the world.

With more than 15 years of industry experience, Andrew is a recognised leader in the field of message sending and deliverability. In 1996, he founded the UK’s oldest privately held ISP called Cheapnet Ltd. In 1998, he started up the UK’s first privately held eCommerce payment system called eBanx Ltd. During the rise of email, pre-dating web-based email providers such as Hotmail, Andrew was an original member of the management team for @Pobox, the UK’s largest provider of free email services.

From 2006, Andrew served as an independent consultant at organisations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US. His consulting work was focused on helping companies to successfully leverage the email channel. This unique perspective gives Andrew the ability to take a holistic view of deliverability and delivery; understanding both the needs of marketers and the concerns of the ISP and mailbox providers.

Andrew regularly contributes email and delivery insights on his blog speaks at events around the world.

Jen Brady
Founder and CEO
Fred & Associates

Jen Brady is the Founder & CEO of Fred & Associates, an independent boutique agency focused on marketing and media strategy and implementation. Jen is highly regarded as an expert in all areas of digital marketing and is recognized as one of Chicago’s Top Woman Entrepreneurs.
Jen’s career spans over 15+years of senior marketing with positions focused on brand marketing, strategy development, and ultimately leveraging digital approaches to address business needs. Beginning in San Francisco during the Internet Boom Days, Jen experienced first-hand the “New Economy” as a Marketing Manager at working on their Broadcast, Print, and Interactive marketing efforts. 

In 2000, she moved to Chicago to join Starcom Mediavest where she spent over four years concepting the industry’s first digital media programs for clients like: Hallmark, Allstate, US Army, and Disney. After personally contributing to the earliest established Best Practices for Digital Marketing, Jen made the decision to open her own agency grounded in her absolute commitment to impeccable Customer Service, unbiased strategic guidance, and ethical leadership in both her business and community affairs. Seven years later she is guiding brands across the country on their digital marketing efforts as well as educating companies on the digital landscape and which specific opportunities they are best positioned to explore.

A highly regarded visionary in media and marketing circles, Jen contributes regularly to the industry as speaker, and content contributor to organizations across all facets of marketing. Jen is an University of Michigan alum, member of the Northern Illinois University Interactive Advisory Board and the former President of the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association (CIMA). 

Bill Brooks
Managing Partner/CEO

A visionary executive, Bill brings over 30 years of senior-level experience in marketing, broadcast, communications and business to PowerWave.

As founder and president of The PEM Group, Bill in the mid-eighties established a national promotional and event marketing company with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, creating and managing innovative integrated marketing programs for some of Canada's largest and best-known corporations, sports organizations and government agencies.

Bill's background includes extensive experience in promotions, live events, syndicated radio network programming, sponsorship procurement and mobile media marketing.

Bill has been quoted in Canada's leading marketing publications, has presented at various major event marketing conferences over the years and also been a marketing class instructor at Humber College in Toronto.

Bill resides in Crescent Beach BC Canada.

Dave Chitester
Pay Per Visit Email

Mr. Chitester is the founder and CEO of Pay Per Visit Email,, the first email service company to charge clients based upon clicks to their website, rather than some form of volume of emails sent.  He has extensive experience in the email marketing industry, and various email systems, having run email campaigns for other firms he has started, including Questamente and  Since launching Pay Per Visit Email, Mr. Chitester has been involved in all aspects of email marketing, including system development, deliverability, spam compliance, click through analysis, and social media.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Chitester has spoken to thousands of professionals at conferences throughout the United States on topics such as entrepreneurship, construction issues, and business management.

Juliana Trichilo Cina, MA

Juliana Trichilo Cina, MA, is the dreamer behind The Success Formula and She provides resources, coaching, training, and services based on her faith in the power of strategic communications to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. She completed an English Specialist and Political Science Major at the University of Toronto in 2003. After graduating With Distinction, she attended Queen’s University to complete a Political Studies Masters in Canadian and Constitutional Politics. Juliana is committed to principles of life-long learning and continues to nurture her own communications skills and business acumen on an ongoing basis. 

Juliana has developed and executed marketing strategies for clients such as Microsoft, Dell, Oxford University Press, and many more. She has served as an Editor for academic journals and has been recognized for her work with grassroots causes in her efforts to raise awareness and funding. Juliana has helped formulate and uphold education policies and standards with Ontario's Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. She has represented Canada on the Global Marketing Advisory Committee for Imagining Ourselves, a project by the International Museum of Women. Juliana has developed curriculum and taught at the university and college levels, and delivered a variety of training programs to teens, adults and international dignitaries. She is also a proud daughter, sister, wife, mother, best friend, animal lover, book reader, soccer fan, and wannabe comedian.

Eric Didier
CEO & Co-Founder

Eric is a successful serial entrepreneur with a broad background in enterprise software sales management, complex software development and product management for web technologies.
In 2008, he co-founded ividence, a stand-alone email ad exchange that disrupts the traditional acquisition email market. The company’s platform matches email offers to records based on campaign performance, bid, and end-user behavior, which results in fewer emails sent with a higher ROI for all. In December 2011, ividence won a Red Herring Global Top 100 Award.

Prior to ividence, Eric was the founder and CEO of Soamai in 2000, a metadata applications company which was acquired by Allen Systems Group in April 2004. He continued at ASG on the Executive Management team as the Worldwide Vice President of Sales, Product Management and Solution Marketing.  As interim COO, he then helped two French companies in establishing their worldwide presence (Sunopsis, Viadeo).

Jennifer Dunphy
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Vayu Media

Jennifer Dunphy, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, for Atlanta based online marketing agency Vayu Media, has provided her marketing and public relations expertise to the business community since 2005. Jennifer graduated from Georgia State University, where she double majored in Physiology and Kinesiology.

Through her efforts, Vayu Media has seen significant growth year after year. Jennifer has been nominated two years standing as one of the Small Business People of the year, through the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. She is a Google AdWords certified professional, as well as a SEMPO certified Professional.

Jennifer currently focuses primarily on the marketing and public relations efforts for Vayu Media. Vayu Media is a global leader delivering a full range of integrated online marketing solutions, interactive services and high performance websites, for any company looking to be successful. The company’s approach is consultative, and focuses on the long term growth of their clients. Jennifer’s position consists of managing all of Vayu Media’s marketing initiatives, establishing re‐seller relationships, and overseeing the company’s sales efforts. Watch Dunphy in action:

Noah Dyer
Director of Internet Marketing
Sure Spark Internet Marketing

Noah Dyer is the Director of Sure Spark, a Phoenix Internet Marketing company.  He is referred to as the High Priest of Internet Marketing, but only by himself.  He loves the spirit of entrepreneurship.  He began his own career with a lemonade stand in front of his house in kindergarten, subsequently selling everything from friendship bracelets to pencils to his friends for years to come.  As a teenager, he received a cease and desist from his high school administration for competing against school clubs in candy sales.  

As an adult, Noah gained his marketing acumen by working on the marketing plans of dozens of small, private businesses.  Here, every dollar mattered because it came directly from the owner's pocket.  He has carried that philosophy and outlook to his larger corporate clients. 

Noah is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator at marketing events.  He often appears on radio and television programs as an Internet marketing expert. 

Noah has a bachelor's degree in psychology and an MBA.  More importantly, he has four young children that are constantly educating him.  He enjoys playing violent sports, such as rugby, wrestling, boxing, ghetto ball, and water polo.  He says getting hit upside the head results in new ideas and inspiration.  He hopes some of these ideas will be useful to you.

James Fedolfi
VP, Product and Business Development
Outward Media, Inc.

James believes that if you use quality measures when compiling data, you will lead the industry in providing the best data to fuel direct marketing campaigns.  A pioneer in data quality, James scans the marketplace for relevant new data sources that build OMI’s Business, Healthcare and Consumer multi-channel marketing databases.  A longtime believer in the power of multi-channel marketing, James has searched the globe for the best sources of data and continuously updates OMI’s databases to build our files, making them broader and deeper over time.

Additionally, James leads our Technology team so that all of our proprietary technology and processes are kept secure -- along with all of our data.  James and his team work tirelessly to ensure that we continue to improve our processes and our technology in order to bring the best and freshest data and services to our Clients.  James also has crafted leading-edge email cleansing and verification tools, consistently pushing the envelope to keep our email data as accurate as possible.  In addition to accuracy, James has built out the technology to successfully validate millions of email records per month.  These processes allow OMI to keep all internal databases clean – in order for us to bring more accurate records to our Clients for their marketing campaigns.

As a successful entrepreneur, James has led other marketing companies to success over the past 15 years.  At leading-edge marketing firms such as eContacts and Metanex, James inserted his stamp of success.  Always keeping a critical eye on the quality of the data assets, and the processes that were utilized to create them, James set up both companies to be successful before arriving at OMI.  James received his Bachelor’s degree from Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana and also completed studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, specializing in the teaching and research of creative, cultural and cognitive disciplines.  

James is from New England and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and enjoys sports, literature and is an avid oenophile.

Robert Fleming

Robert Fleming
President and CEO
eMarketing Association

As Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the e-Marketing Association (eMA), Mr. Fleming guides the Association's efforts in education, professional development, certification and legislation for individuals and companies engaged in e-marketing.

Mr. Fleming helped co-found the eMarketing Association in 1999 , with a vision of bringing Internet marketers together to share ideas and processes.
Today, the eMA enjoys the status of being the world's largest international association of eMarketing professionals with members in over 40 countries around the globe. Before co-founding the eMA, Mr. Fleming was Vice President of Business Development for the California Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC). CMTC is a program of the United States Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), designed to help U.S manufacturers become more productive and efficient.

Mr. Fleming was president of Stock Editions, Inc., the worlds largest subscription stock graphics firm. He was responsible for developing the first royalty free photography service and the first stock photography to be offered on CD-ROM. Mr. As VP of Communications at Optical Radiation Corporation, he designed, developed, and implemented the successful introduction of LiteStyle ophthalmic lenses, Flexeon intraocular lenses, RxPediter computer for medical use as well as many other industrial medical and scientific products. In 1990 he directed the successful launch of Cinema Digital Sound. This was the first digital sound system for motion pictures that debuted in the movie Dick Tracy. Technology from this system is used today within the motion picture industry.

Mr. Fleming has held senior management positions with the American Cancer Society, Adtech, Inc. and The Standard Oil Company. He has received over 45 awards for marketing and communications including 3 American Advertising Federation ADDY awards. He has spoken and many conferences and seminars including, the Aruba Tourist Bureau, Caterpillar Dealers Meeting, The United States Army, Ad:tech, DECCA and many others. He is a Member of the Board of Center for Integrated Marketing Communications at San Diego State University. His work is on permanent exhibit at the United States Library of Congress Collection of excellent Corporate Communications. He attended Northeastern University in Boston. Mr. Fleming has held numerous seminars on marketing and has been published in a variety of national and regional publications. In addition to leading the eMarketing Association, Mr. Fleming provides marketing consultation services to senior management and corporate directors of several Fortune 500 companies.

Robert lives in Rhode Island with his wife Cheryl and their 3 children.

Murray Gaylord
TraDigital Marketing101

Former Vice President, Digital Marketing,

Murray Gaylord is a highly respected Traditional & New Media marketing executive,
with a wide range of industry knowledge and leadership in agency, client, media and
non-profit disciplines.

Mr. Gaylord is a strong proponent of the value of finely tuned integrated offline and online marketing programs to maximize ROI and brand strength. He is currently writing a book on TraDigital Marketing and consulting to a limited number of companies.

Prior to establishing TraDigital Marketing101 in January 2012, Mr. Gaylord  spent five years at New York Times Company as Vice President Marketing for and added the role of VP Customer Insights for the NYT Media Group in August 2007.

In his role at the Times, Mr. Gaylord was a member of the senior management team and oversaw all marketing, for the companies web site, as well as leading all corporate research for the NYT print and digital businesses in the areas of strategic research, web analytics, product research, data mining and advertising/marketing research. He led the company’s burgeoning Social Media initiatives on Facebook and Twitter, and was a key force in developing the marketing plan and research efforts for The New York Times successful launch of a Pay Model initiative in March, 2011.
Prior to joining The New York Times, Mr. Gaylord, spent six years at Yahoo! as VP, Brand Marketing, overseeing all consumer, trade, direct, and buzz marketing.

Previously, Mr. Gaylord EVP and Chief Operating Officer of The Advertising Council from 1997 to 2000, where he was instrumental in driving significant revenue increases for the organization, while also helping to create new executions of memorable public service campaigns including Smokey Bear, and Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk.

Mr. Gaylord’s robust and highly successful advertising agency career in Account Management began at Young & Rubicam where he held various leadership roles including VP for Concepts, a new product/strategic “think tank”.  After Y&R, he rose to EVP, group account director at Scali, McCabe, Sloves, Inc., followed by being named EVP, director of client services for TBWA Chiat/Day.
Mr. Gaylord received a B.A. degree in psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles, and participated in the Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies AAAA program at USC.
Mr. Gaylord is a Past Chairman of the American Advertising Federation and is currently on the board of directors of the Miami Ad School. He has also served on the Board of the International Newspaper Marketing Association, and the Advertising Educational Foundation.  He is a founding member of Network for Good, and the eMarketing Association Advisory Board.

Mr. Gaylord is a frequent speaker at industry conferences including Ad:Tech, AAF, DMA, ARF and others.

Matt Goddard

As Chief Executive of R2i, Matt Goddard brings deep understanding of social network theory and digital marketing platforms to r2i's clients and partners. His visionary thinking about brands and the engagement strategies that activate “communities of interest” has attracted a national clientele, including Black and Decker, Microsoft, Scientific American, and Forbes among many other familiar companies. Matt's energy and passion for rallying brands to become digital publishers has made him a highly sought after speaker who regularly contributes to academic and business forums on the future of marketing communications in a peer to peer world.

Servicing b2c and b2b brands, r2i increased revenues 337% from 2006-2009, and now has offices in Baltimore, Boston, Metro DC, and Seattle. In 2010, r2i was ranked in the Top 100 on the Inc. 500 | 5000 Advertising and Marketing Industry List.

Prior to launching r2i, Matt was co-founder of Impreza, a leading digital marketing and technology firm. After the acquisition of Impreza by Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBGI), Matt began Round 2 Communications (R2), which then morphed into R2integrated (r2i).

A graduate of Towson University and Carey Business School of The Johns Hopkins University, Matt is also responsible for R2i ventures, a division of r2i that makes equity investments in start-up companies launching unique and innovative technologies.

Aaron Goldman
Chief Marketing Officer

Aaron Goldman is Chief Marketing Officer at Kenshoo, a digital marketing software company that engineers global technology solutions for search marketing, social media and online advertising. Kenshoo powers 7 of the world’s top 10 retailers, 9 of the 10 largest ad agency networks, and 23 of the Fortune 50 companies.

Goldman is a digital marketing veteran with more than 10 years of industry experience and the author of Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google (McGraw-Hill 2010). Prior to Kenshoo, Goldman founded Connectual, a digital marketing consulting and matchmaking firm. Previously, he was VP, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Resolution Media, a search marketing agency under the Omnicom umbrella. Before that, Goldman ran U.S. Midwest sales for MaxOnline, an ad network that was folded into IAC.

When he’s not busy Googling himself, Goldman is running around Chicago with his wife, Lisa, daughter, Eliara, and twins, Ethan and Mila.

James Green

James Green joined search retargeting leader Magnetic in October 2011 as chief executive officer charged with driving overall company expansion and building out Magnetic’s search retargeting infrastructure. Mr. Green began his career in the entertainment industry and spent eight years with The Walt Disney Company culminating in his appointment as the General Manager of the Japanese market. From Disney, Mr. Green moved to Pixar Animation Studios where he worked for Steve Jobs as the VP of marketing and new business development. In 1998, Mr. Green became a founding partner and CEO of Sabela Media, an Internet ad serving company. After an explosive 18 months of revenue growth, Sabela Media sold for $70 million to 24/7 Real Media where Mr. Green served as president of technology solutions. In October 2000, Mr. Green became CEO of GiantBear, where he successfully launched new products with major carriers (Cingular, Rogers AT&T and others), before selling the business to InfoSpace in March 2002. After GiantBear, Mr. Green became CEO of PVI, a virtual advertising company, which he took private in 2003 before it was sold to Cablevison in May of 2005. Mr. Green then joined Giant Realm, a vertical ad network, as CEO in January 2007 and sold the company to Burst Media in October 2009. From 2009 until joining Magnetic, Mr. Green fulfilled his lifelong dream of traveling around the world on his sailboat with his wife and two children. He documented the trip at James lives in New York City.

Jeff Greenfield
COO & Co-Founder
C3 Metrics

Greenfield’s history of technology and marketing initiatives have served blue-chip clients including: GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK), Kimberly-Clark (NYSE: KMB), Sony BMG, Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), Forest Labs (NYSE: FRX), Plum Creek (NYSE: PCL) and more. Prior to his co-founding and development of C3 Metrics, Greenfield was a recognized thought leader in the area of Branded Content as publisher of Branded Entertainment Monthly, a joint effort with VNU Media detailing industry statistics, gaps, and trends. He’s been a featured speaker at The Next Big Idea, and a news source in: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, CNET, and Investor’s Business Daily. Greenfield began his career building a 75-person multi-million dollar practice featured in Chapter 5 of ‘Buzzmarketing: Get People To Talk About Your Stuff’ from Penguin/Portfolio. Greenfield is an instrument rated pilot and holds a class “E” FCC radio operators license (NQ4F).

Rowan Harper
Founder and CEO
Modal Digital Agency

Rowan Harper is the President and Founder of Modal Digital Agency. With 17 years of progressively responsible experience and a background rich with diversity ranging from application architecture, integration and work-flow with Lotus and IBM, to the Vice President of Digital Strategy with Young and Rubicam, he has found a home in helping big brands build affinity and elevate their online presence. Modal Digital Agency, born into the competitive world of digital advertising, seeks to redefine the online conversation. Most recently a successful partnership with Verizon Wireless has been centered around building and supporting a bridge between online and offline marketing channels, increasing customer engagement and brand awareness.
Rowan has continued to evolve as a technologist and digital innovator. Among his significant previous positions Rowan served as a Global Software Sales & Marketing Manager where he pioneered the definition and design of the in-seat passenger experience for major airlines around the globe including Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 (double-decker), Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Qantas, Lufthansa and a plethora of others.

As the General Manager of Fuse Interactive, Rowan landed and nurtured key accounts such as Disney, Kawasaki North America, Verizon Wireless and extended an existing AOR relationship with Hewlett Packard.

As the VP Associate Director of Digital Planning at Young and Rubicam, Irvine Rowan was responsible for overseeing the efforts of Land Rover, Mattel, Jenny Craig and Toshiba. It was this exposure to big brand, big retainer - challenges, relationships and dynamics that ultimately inspired the creation of Modal Digital Agency in 2008.

Rowan graduated from Oregon State University with a BA in Theater, and a BSc in Business Administration in Management Information Systems. Leveraging the ability to engage from a creative perspective while maintaining a full technical understanding in regards to requirements and the interpretation of client and consumer needs, Rowan leads Modal into the digital space with a rich and multi-dimensional perspective.

Jeremy Hull
Associate Director of Paid Search

Jeremy Hull is the Associate Director of Paid Search for iProspect, where he has become a well-respected leader within the company, with clients and with all of the major search engines.

Always on the forefront of new technology and industry developments, and a passionate champion for online retailers, he leads many of iProspect’s alpha and beta tests with search, display media, and tracking vendors. The search engines rely on Hull's insightful analysis and feedback to improve new developments like Microsoft adCenter.

Hull has provided campaign analysis and strategic direction to NIKE, Burberry, Accor Hotels North America, Timberland, Talbots, and Neiman Marcus and its luxury subsidiaries, including Horchow and Bergdorf Goodman. He was instrumental in taking Nike's successful domestic online marketing campaigns International with NIKE EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

Hull has written for Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land and been quoted in many industry publications. He is a graduate of Texas Christian University.

Eric Jones
Vice President of Digital Marketing

As VP, Digital Marketing of R2i, Eric Jones provides clients with senior level strategy and counsel to develop cross channel digital marketing campaigns that are focused on maximizing ROI. His ability to integrate multiple tactics into seamless results-based digital marketing programs has provided such clients as Microsoft, Biotechnology International Conference, Rose Associates of NYC, and CompTIA with measureable gains across various business segments.

Eric’s ability to understand the complex business requirements of various industries and companies and expertise in scrutinizing campaign analytics drives growth for r2i’s client companies. Of note, Eric and his team were put to the test by creating a substantial digital relationship marketing campaign for the launch of Microsoft’s Office 365 and cloud computing platform.

Throughout his career, Eric has held senior marketing leadership positions across a range of organizations, from banking and finance, to real estate development and internet technology. He spent three years as VP of Marketing with Columbia Bank where he oversaw all marketing (on and off-line, print and traditional) for the billion dollar bank. For two years, he was Director of Marketing for Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse in charge of marketing all of its substantial regional real estate development projects up and down the East Coast. Prior to joining R2i in 2007, Eric was the Sales and Marketing Director for a local community non-profit that was focused on the city revitalization and rehabilitation through commercial and residential redevelopment. Eric is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, with a degree in Marketing.

Julia Kocs
Owner/Creative Director
KOCS Branding

Julia Kocs, MA, MDiv, is a dynamic public speaker and analyst with over fifteen years of
international and national experience in launching, developing and facilitating marketing
and business growth strategies. With dual graduate degrees in counseling and communications,
her professional expertise includes the interplay between branding, visual identities and their
integration into successful social media campaigns. Prior to launching her firm, KOCS Branding,
Julia was the VP of Marketing of BLUHON Inc. and directed Connecting Point of Compass, a
national service pilot program in San Francisco.

Julia’s currently lecturing on Branding and Integrated Social Media Campaigns at SCORE, a
partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and
businesses owners to grow and succeed nationwide. In addition, she is  consulting for BQPM,
a business and quality management company in Silicon Valley, while continues to lecture at the
NCFR Program in Emeryville, CA. Her past projects include the branding and launching of the
Hazardous Substance Free Mark, a ground-breaking program lead by the ECC Corporation,
the U.S. representative of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

John Lawson
ColderICE Media Group

John is the CEO of 3rd Power Outlet and the founder of the award-winning e-commerce industry blog at John is an Platinum eBay Power Seller, Top-Rated Amazon Seller, Social Media Personality and e-commerce analyst for Wall-Street firms. John specializes in multi-channel e-commerce, social rich-media marketing and mobile commerce.
John is a very dynamic and entertaining speaker. His presentations are packed with usable, actionable information and his delivery is simply unforgettable. When the response sheets come in, you can bet John will lead the pack for satisfaction scores. Make the event memorable because John is simply unforgettable on stage.

Carrie Layne
Founder and CEO

Carrie Layne is the Founder and CEO of BestBuzz, and she has built numerous successful start-ups over the last 8 years.  Layne was recently named to Dallas Business Journal’s prestigious top “40 under Forty” list and nominated for “Women to Watch in Tech” for 2012.  In 2010, Layne launched her newest venture, BestBuzz, which is a social mobile marketing platform that uses dynamic QR codes to reward customers and generate “buzz” around brands and events via social media for businesses and charitable organizations.
Layne graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and received a degree in Advertising in 1999.  She landed her first job at Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive in San Francisco, and her clients included Proctor & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard, and Barclay's Global iShares.  Layne started her first Internet company, while living in the Cayman Islands.  It was there she founded Ripple Marketing & Consulting, a software technology and interactive advertising company in 2004.

Layne works between the BestBuzz offices in Dallas, TX and Grand Cayman.  She enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs and speaking at events on mobile marketing and social media.  She is also very involved in the community and has created social good campaigns pro bono with charities such as Children's Medical Center, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Taylor’s Gift, YMCA, Special Olympics, Love Hope Strength, Cure Duchenne, Ronald McDonald House, and more.

BestBuzz is a social, mobile marketing application and platform that uses distinct QR code and smartphone technology to connect businesses and consumers in real-time.  The platform allows brands to effectively market promotions, exclusive offers and events, directly to their customers’ friends through word-of-mouth reach via social media.  The BestBuzz mobile scanner is available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry version 6.0+. 

Carrie Layne is an expert in the social media and mobile space with over 12 years of experience, and you can follow her on Twitter @carrielayne.
Visit BestBuzz online and download the BestBuzz application at www.BestBuzz.Bz; on Facebook at; and on Twitter @Best_Buzz.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee
CEO and Co-Founder

Kevin Lee Didit Founder. Chairman & CEO, has been an acknowledged Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expert since 1995. Kevin’s years of SEM expertise provide the foundation for Didit’s proprietary Maestro search campaign technology which in 2008 was extended beyond search campaign management into an auction media platform facilitating the integration of exchange-based display media. Didit’s unparalleled results and client profit lift have earned Didit recognition not only among marketers but also as part of the 2007 Inc 500 (#137) as well as a #12 position on Deloitte’s Fast 500 for 3 years running. Kevin’s “Paid Search Strategies” column for ClickZ is read by thousands, and his books are widely praised. Kevin’s most recent book: Search Engine Advertising both books include a code redeemable for $200 in free Microsoft Advertising (adCenter) ad credits for new US advertisers. A founding board member of SEMPO and its first elected Chairman Kevin is also active as a speaker at top conferences including SES, SMX, DMA Annual, Internet Retailer and more. The Wall St. Journal, Business Week, The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNET, USA Today, San Jose Mercury News and other press quote Kevin regularly and he educates the next generation of digital marketers by lecturing at NYU, Columbia, Fordham and Pace Universities. Kevin’s expertise is also valued by Wall Street he has briefed analysts and clients of JP Morgan, RBC, UBS, Piper Jaffray, Goldman Sachs, Citicorp & others. Kevin earned his MBA from Yale School of Management in 1992 and lives in Manhattan with his wife (a New York Psychologist) and kids.  Kevin was recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2008 and 2009 Award Finalist in Metro New York Area and received the 2008 Direct Marketing Club of New York, Mal Dunn Leadership Award.

In addition, in 2008, Kevin Lee and partner David Pasternack launched a social entrepreneurship venture, a web technology that generates passive donation revenue for non-profit causes including schools, universities, associations, clubs and houses of worship.


Daniel Lemin
Founder & Principal
Social Studio

Daniel Lemin is a digital media consultant and owner of strategy consultancy Social Studio. He works with global and multi-national brands to define and implement enriching social engagement programs that drive business and improve customer connections. Previously he was director of social engagement at PainePR in Los Angeles where he established brand-building social media and channel innovation programs for global consumer brands including General Motors, Pampers, Old Spice, Iams and Sony Electronics. Prior to PainePR he managed global corporate communications and public affairs for Google. In that role he expanded the popular Google Zeitgeist program (now Google Trends) to more than 25 global markets and oversaw PR efforts for the expansion of consumer search and advertiser services in Asia-Pacific, India, Latin America and Europe. He speaks frequently at industry events and is also an instructor at UC Irvine Extension and leads courses in the Social Media & Web 2.0 certificate program. He holds a Master’s in communication from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash.

Heather Lloyd-Martin
President and CEO

Described as a fast-talking, fiery redhead, Heather Lloyd-Martin is a 20-year marketing veteran, a recognized author and considered the pioneer of SEO copywriting. Recognized worldwide as a first-generation search marketing expert, her life is split between watching the search engines dance and pinpointing the exact direct response copywriting strategies that make people buy.
Fun career highlights include:

  • Profiled in the book Online Marketing Heroes as the pioneer of SEO copywriting.
  • Immediate past-chair of the Direct Marketing Association’s Search Engine Marketing Council.
  • Developer of the SEO Copywriting Certification program, the only industry-endorsed training program teaching SEO Copywriting best practices.
  • Nominated for the Top Woman in SEO, 2012 award.
  • Advisory board member of SEMpdx, and serves on the board of American Writers and Artists, Inc.
  • Quoted and cited in many publications, including The Huffington Post, Target Marketing Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and others.

Presenting at industry events is one of Heather’s passions, and she’s frequently crossing time zones en-route to her next speaking gig. You can see her speaking at Darden School of Business, Search Engine Strategies, SMX, Small Business Marketing Unleashed, PubCon and a host of other events. In her spare time, she enjoys crazy-making travel, grueling workouts, Starbucks extra-hot soy lattes and hanging out with her husband, two dogs and one cat in Portland, OR.

Mike Maiman
Performance Marketing Supervisor
MEA Digital

Mike’s Agency has been considering changing his job title to Conversion Guru. Since his days as an undergrad at Miami of Ohio to the time he spent earning an ecommerce focused MBA at Purdue, he’s been mastering the art of driving traffic to websites. Over the course of his professional career, he’s managed every tactic known to mankind for major companies like Oakley, Sunglass Hut, TVG Horse Racing, Ray-Ban, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Now, Mike heads up the Performance Marketing team at MEA Digital, imparting his hard-earned wisdom throughout the Performance Marketing sphere. Pay-per-click. Affiliate. Email. Comparison-shopping. SEO. Data feed management. The only thing he doesn’t do is take breaks.

Loren McDonald

Loren McDonald
Vice President , Industry Relations

McDonald has 24 years of experience in marketing, consulting and strategic planning. Prior to Silverpop, he was vice president of corporate communications at Lyris, Inc., and had served as vice president of marketing at EmailLabs. McDonald was founder and president of Intevation, an e-marketing services firm specializing in email and search engine marketing services. He's held executive marketing positions at companies including USWeb/CKS, NetStruxr and Arthur Andersen.

McDonald is a columnist for Media Post Email Insider and a former ClickZ Email Delivery columnist. He is a frequent speaker at major industry conferences and events and is often quoted in the press. In 2005, he was selected Marketing Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards (the Stevie's). An industry newsletter he launched in 2003 has won seven awards including Best B2B e-newsletter from MarketingSherpa and the ClickZ Marketing Excellence Award.

Tim McMullen
redpepper Agency

In 2001, after honing his marketing chops working in publishing and advertising, Tim McMullen set off to realize a vision of an advertising agency where every employee could say “I love my job” and mean it.

redpepper has since achieved a nine-year run of growth in clients, revenues and profits. redpepper has been recognized as one of the 1000 fastest growing companies in the country by Inc. Magazine for five years running, named as one of Nashville’s Best Places to Work by the Nashville Business Journal, named a Future 50 company by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Most recently, Tim was named 2010 Agency Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association in Nashville.

redpepper creative work has been recognized with more than three dozen national and regional industry awards. Tim is immediate past president of the Nashville chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

Tim built redpepper’s success by building culture –and has used the insights gained in creating fully engaged employees to create highly engaged online communities. A recent campaign for national home accessories retailer Kirkland’s yielded more than 600,000 true, trackable engagements and helped drive holiday sales performance that was higher than the industry average. redpepper continues to do leading-edge work in social media, and has developed a keen understanding of what actually works to drive awareness, engagements and behavior.

Tim brings to his presentations a unique ability to connect with audiences – delivering information in a way that feels personal, immediate, real…and immediately applicable.

Tim resides in Franklin, Tn., with his wife Natalie and their four children Avery, Adam, Andrew and Abby.

Rick Mathieson

Over the last few years, Rick Mathieson has emerged as one of the leading voices on marketing in the digital age.  An award-winning writer, author, speaker and media commentator, Mathieson helps companies understand and capitalize on new digital platforms as part of integrated communications initiatives.

His book BRANDING UNBOUND has ranked as the world’s #1 best-selling book on mobile marketing. And it has been hailed as a visionary and indispensable guide to the mobile revolution.

His new book, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND, was a #1 Amazon “Hot New Release,” and has ranked among Amazon’s Top 10 books on advertising. Spanning social media, branded entertainment, mobile marketing and more, the book has been described as “required reading for the digital age” for its strategic approach to delivering blockbuster brand experiences through digital innovation.

As a strategic advisor, Mathieson has consulted on digital marketing initiatives developed for Hollywood studios such as Disney and Strategic Film Partners, and for consumer product brands such as Coca-Cola and Ford.

He has helped innovative startups in mobile, social media and gaming with influencer outreach in the worlds of advertising, marketing and media.

And he is a frequently featured speaker at industry events, such as The iMedia Breakthrough Summit, Digital Hollywood, The Global Retail Executive Council, The Microsoft Leadership Forum, Yahoo’s “Branducation” lecture series, The American Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association, among many others.

Over the last few years, he has briefed executives from FedEx, Virgin America, Bloomingdales, Procter & Gamble, Yahoo, Kraft Foods, MasterCard, Warner Bros., Hard Rock Café, Accenture and many others on digital marketing trends and emerging digital platforms.

As Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge puts it, Mathieson is “a strategic marketing expert” whose work “demystifies successful practices in a way that should encourage and inspire other marketers.”

A veteran of the advertising industry, Mathieson also serves as vice president and creative director for one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent advertising agencies.

Jeff Mesnik
Founder and President
Socialize Your Stuff, LLC

Jeff has over 18 years of experience in high tech and marketing.

Previous to the founding of Socialize Your Stuff, Jeff co-founded iMakeNews, Inc. (, an e-newsletter service provider. iMakeNews eventually grew to provide e-newsletter services to thousands of companies, organizations, and individuals, from small firms to the Fortune 500.

Prior to iMakeNews, Jeff’s previous positions include Global Product Marketing Manager for Axis Communications, where he was responsible for the launch of the Axis Web Camera Product Line and ParentNet applications. Jeff built the Web Camera line of business to a $5 Million annual revenue stream in two years. As Business Development Manager and Product Marketing Manager for Spirit Technologies, Jeff introduced new business opportunities and product lines which resulted in $10 Million in new annual revenue. Jeff received a B.A. degree from Brandeis University.

James Moore
Chief Revenue Officer 

In this role, he is responsible for leading the sales team and driving the growth of the company. He joins with more than 15 years of sales leadership experience at some of America's most successful sales organizations, including Airborne Express, ADP, and  Most recently, Moore led the sales organization at FetchBack, an online display retargeting company.  During his tenure there, the company saw record growth in revenue and personnel. A high energy and focused individual, Moore lives a passion driven life, and can often be found participating in sports and exercise. He is also a talented drummer and is active in the Phoenix music community. Moore holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication from Southwest Texas State University.

Chris O'Connor
Co-Founder and CEO

Chris is a Co-Founder and CEO at Taptera.  A builder at heart, Chris enjoys creating teams, systems and companies. He is passionate about improving employees' relationships with their software and has 15 years' experience bringing innovative IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies. During his 8 year tenure at Genentech, Inc., Chris held various senior roles including Associate Director of Cloud and Mobile Solutions and Principal Systems Architect. Chris holds a BSc. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Shachar Oren
President and CEO
Neurotic Media

I was fascinated by music from a very young age. Growing up in the immigrant melting pot that is Israel, I was fascinated by my Yemeni neighbors who danced passionately as if in a trance while drumming on a simple tin pickles can; by my Moroccan neighbors who sang as a group to Arabic music; and by my Russian neighbors who played odd folk music really loud on their convertible car stereo. How can such different sounds move such inherently different people to express a similar passion? I was also surprised to see my 5-months old sister dancing, bobbing her head up and down to pop music: We didn’t teach her that! Was she born with dancing in her genes? Are we all born this way?

My interest in learning more about music brought me to the USA where I studied Music Industry and Production at Georgia State University (B.S. School of Music, 1995). I worked in radio a bit (WRAS), as well as in A&R and marketing roles (Ichiban Records till 1998). I ran my own indie label for a while as well (Shoestring Records). Over the years, I developed a passion for the creative process as well as a fascination with the business process of the music field – with how and why people listen to and consume their favorite music. I knew this was my carrier path moving fwd: Figuring out how to deliver music to people in ways they enjoy and appreciate, ways that move them in a positive way.

I first got involved in doing so digitally in 1998 at Amplified Holdings (Senior VP, International Business Development). When the opportunity came to establish my own company in 2001, I knew what will become Neurotic Media’s core mission: Helping content owners and brands deliver music that moves fans to action.

Since music connects with fans emotionally and lifestyle- wise, it has the power to motivate consumers to take action, may that action be purchasing music from an online retailer or a mobile carrier, registering on a brand’s site or social media page, or purchasing a specific brand’s product because of the way the it associated itself with music the consumer loves. In the past decade, we’ve learned how to achieve these goals with various strong technological solutions. Our strong expertise remains in the essence of working with music itself, and helping our clients infuse their marketing strategy with the raw passion that only music can deliver. Music moves.

Mark Perlmutter
Entrepreneur and Business Developer

Mark Perlmutter is an entrepreneur, business strategist and financier for early-stage companies with more than thirty years marketing experience.
In one case he used eMarketing to attract 24,000 Opt-ins from a targeted affinity group. In 42 months, sales to Opt-ins passed $622,000 and the list has grown to 74,000. In the future he believes these Opt-ins might be converted to become investors in the company, when and if the company offers public stock. This would couple social media with special exemptions in the security laws. This case study explains the use of online affiliate marketing and third party vendor platforms. 

Considered a pioneer in online capital formation, he has received speaking invitations across the US and internationally from Malaysia, to France. On this subject he has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, Financial Times of London, Barron’s, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Business Journal, Phoenix Business Journal and WebWeek.
His business areas include clean energy, healthy weight loss, vegetarian restaurants, online marketing, cable, cellular, real estate, oil & gas, wireless devices, a car that runs on compressed air, a lifestyle conference company, a new class of electric vehicle, direct public offerings and now a crowd funding platform for green entrepreneurs.
Since establishing the MicroAngels Institue in 2001 he has spoken to thousands of small investors and eco-entrepreneurs about micro-investing in local green companies. In 1995 he founded Direct IPO (sold in 1998) which was a financial services Web site designed to provide small companies with less expensive access to capital using the little known medium of direct public offerings. He became licensed in investments in 1981 and real estate in 1971. Mark resides in the San Francisco bay area.

Mike Pocci
Manager, Search & Media

Mike is known throughout Rosetta as a leader in the digital space for his ability to develop sound media strategies and tactical approaches that deliver measurable results.  He is relied on as a resource for digital media best practices, industry trends, research, and planning expertise as well as deep understanding of the general online media landscape.

He has continually played a key role in leading clients such as Express, Helzberg Diamonds and Nationwide Insurance to successful results through online display media.  Clients and peers agree that Mike's energy and passion for digital media and his forward-thinking strategies have greatly contributed to this level of success.

Mike joined Rosetta after spending just over three years as a media planner at a traditional ad agency, primarily leading media planning and buying across television, radio, print, out-of-home, and digital channels.

Michael Palmer
Vice President of Product Delivery and Operations
Compass Labs

Michael is Vice President of Product Delivery and Operations. He previously led Product Management at Sonim Technologies, Danger Inc., and Healtheon/WebMD. He co-founded Vinato GmbH and launched a profitable social network for image and video sharing. Michael previously worked at Salomon Brothers and Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. Michael holds a Masters in Engineering and an MBA from Stanford, and a BA from Haverford College.

Amita Paul
Director of Social Media Marketing

Amita Paul is a bright entrepreneur of the Social Media generation, and brings with her over 15 years of product management and marketing experience from a wide range of industries including retail management, email marketing, direct marketing, and information retrieval.  In 2008, Amita Paul founded a social media start-up called ObjectiveMarketer.  Under Amita’s leadership, the Objective Marketer team developed an enterprise-class marketing solution that manages and measures social media campaigns across all of the major social media channels.  In 2011, ObjectiveMarketer was acquired by Emailvision.  Amita is now working as a global Director of Social Media Marketing at Emailvision.

Tony O. Pham
Vice President of Marketing

Tony O. Pham is the Vice President of Marketing for Life360.  Since he joined the company, Life360 has gained over 10 million people using its family safety app for iPhone and Android (Grand Prize Winner of Google’s Android Developer Challenge). Not only has Tony cultivated the company’s identity and mission, he has been able to successfully employ mobile and social media as primary channels for interaction with current and prospective customers. A key part of his work involves building out and optimizing recurring engagement programs to earn consumer loyalty.

Prior to Life360, Tony led community, online and product marketing at Slide, whose social applications reach more than 170 million people per month in over 200 countries. Google acquired Slide for approximately $180 million in 2010. He has been called on by publications including BusinessWeek and USA Today to provide his expert opinion and has spoken at several industry events such as SXSW Interactive and Marketing 2.0. Tony is a graduate of Grinnell College and a Fulbright Scholar.

Kate Salyers
Your Social Status

Kate Salyers, owner of Your Social Status: Social Media & Internet Marketing services, is a clear leader and results-driven media marketing consultant. Kate is successfully developing social media and internet marketing campaigns for businesses to help them gain a greater internet presence, as well as educate them about the ever-evolving world that is social media and internet marketing. Aside from consulting services, Kate is a speaker. Traveling to high schools, colleges, businesses, conferences and more, she knows how to share information while keeping the audience entertained. Sharing digital reputation management information, company social media policy information and more, Kate aims to educate as many people as possible to ensure that they engage with social media, while receiving everything the experience has to offer!

Brett Schklar
Founder & CEO
The Market Creation Group

As Founder & CEO of The Market Creation Group, Brett has helped over 60 companies with guiding their way with outflanking competitors, creating new products and markets as well as showing that marketing, when done right, drives sales, not just leads.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur at heart, Brett’s leadership achievements at MCG have been recognized by recent awards including a twotime winning position in The Fastest Growing Private Company 2009 & 2010, recipient of the Denver Business Journal’s Forty under 40 in 2010 (nominated in 2009 & 2008), a feature on him in Entrepreneur Magazine in December of 2009 (Work Less, It’s Good For Business) and through various profile pieces written about him in other national and local publications.

Brett has served as a speaker at over 120 industry and marketing events across the nation, speaking on various topics such as Entrepreneurship, B2B marketing innovation as well as at many local and national charity events. Brett also serves as adjunct professor at University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. Prior to his life of starting a small business, Brett led marketing teams and
programs for: Vericept (now TrustWave), Q1 Labs (now IBM), Internet Security Systems (now IBM) and AT&T.

Doug Schumacher
Co-Founder / Product Strategy and Marketing

Doug Schumacher is the co-founder and President of Facebook content strategy tool Zuum, located in Culver City, CA. Through Zuum, Doug helps brands maximize the impact of their social media content.

Prior to Zuum, he was founder and creative director of digital marketing agency Basement from 2002-20011, one of iMedia Connection’s “25 West Coast Agencies to Watch”:

His interactive career began in 1996 while working at TBWA/Chiat/Day, where he creative directed the highly-acclaimed 1996 Nissan Pathfinder website, an early rich media brand experience. Since then, he's developed online marketing and advertising solutions for companies including EA Games, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Activision, Pepsi, California Lottery, PayPal, Bank of America, Oroweat Bread, and Travelocity.

He also writes the blog Creativing (, and is a contributing writer for iMedia Connection, with over 40 articles written.

He frequently speaks at conferences on the topic of new media trends and creativity, including AdTech, OMMA, iMedia Summits, and the American Marketing Association.

He began his career as a traditional agency copywriter, holding staff positions at DDB, Chiat/Day, and BBDO.

Outside of the advertising and technology worlds he likes bicycles, bass guitars, cameras and snowboards.

Tiffini Schwarzkopf
Social Media Manager

I manage social media and online marketing for B2B. I have experience in new and existing product lines.  I have a proven and successful track record in increasing an overall image and ultimately the revenue of organizations.  I am the social media corporate trainer for Linkedin, Google+ and other industry platforms. My training classes have amount to 160 employees.

At Vology I create and Implement the social media strategy, coordinating to ensure its effectiveness and encouraging adoption of relevant social media techniques into the corporate culture with multiple product lines and services. Daily I manage social media campaigns—all online advertising-- and day-to-day activities, including webinars. Duties include online advocacy, writing editorial, blogging, posting all information pertains to Vology as a company and industry news. I personally manage presence in social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and other similar community sites, posting on relevant blogs, and seeding content into social applications as needed. I engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate on industry forums--such as spiceworks. Currently I am creating and manage a Blog outreach program and build an active brand ambassador network to spread the word.
Regularly I manage and monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the impact of social media programs, and analyze, review, and report on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results this includes feedback insights gained from social media monitoring into the Marketing and Editorial teams, to help them evolve their strategies in a timely fashion

Kurt Shaver
The Sales Foundry

Kurt helps companies grow their revenue by leveraging new sales tools and techniques. As a sales rep, Kurt discovered a talent for differentiating his offer in a compelling manner. Ask him how a model airplane helped close a $10M data communications deal. Kurt won numerous Top Salesperson awards in the role of an individual contributor. As his management responsibilities grew, he built sales teams at fast growth companies. Kurt's team averaged between 22%-43% annual growth from 2001-2007. 

Kurt started The Sales Foundry in 2008 to share his knowledge with businesses seeking to accelerate their revenue growth. The Sales Foundry accomplishes this through speaking and sales skills training. Areas of expertise include using tools like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and GoldMail to increase sales.

Paul Slack
Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder

Splash Media

Paul Slack joined Splash Media with more than 20 years of direct marketing experience. He got his first taste of web marketing consulting in the 1990s as the internet began to make its presence felt in the business world. Those early days gave him a strong foundation in search engine marketing/search engine optimization (SEM/SEO). Paul built on that as CEO of WebDex Media Group, a Dallas-based firm founded in 2000 that provided strategic planning, SEM, web-based lead generation, online public relations and customer acquisition programs. WebDex developed proprietary solutions to help clients exceed their Internet marketing goals, and it counted Microsoft, Tupperware, Zales, GE Medical Systems and Isuzu Trucks among its satisfied customers. Paul and WebDex also quickly became expert in the use of social media tools to help connect clients to customers – an effort that continues with the acquisition of WebDex by Splash Media in 2010.

Melyssa St. Michael
Vice President
Search & Emerging Media
RockFish Interactive

Melyssa St. Michael is a search-centric digital strategy architect with a core background of persona development, campaign architecture and persuasion-based consumer journeys designed to convert.

Believing that the best digital content is the content that can be found, Melyssa strives to provide meaningful and relevant content architecture based on deep research and insights into the consumer mindset as the primary foundation for campaign development.

Understanding that the goal of content is not only to be persuasive but pervasive as well, Melyssa delights in developing meaningful engagements that attract and retain users while maintaining brand integrity. Melyssa has provided digital strategy and execution for clients such as Walmart, Sam's Club, Tyson, American Media Group, Del-Monte, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco and P&G.

Mchael Thompson
Vice President of Relationship Management

Michael focuses on growing customer relationships and working with clients on developing strategic email marketing programs for increase results. In addition, he serves as our Chief Deliverability Officer. Michael has over 18 years experience in Direct/Internet Marketing, CRM and Software Development. Michael joined ClickSquared in April 2004. Prior to that, he was responsible for the Marketing Automation Platform at Lycos, managed CRM Client Services and Sales Consulting at Yesmail and developed and managed the email marketing infrastructure and programs for Lotus Development. Michael holds a B.S. in Marketing from Franklin Pierce College.

Joshua Tretakoff
Vice President of Business Development

Josh has spent a decade on the merchant side of e-marketing, launching The Sharper Image's industry-leading e-marketing efforts at the start of the revolution, then spent nearly 15 years working with omnichannel marketers on cutting edge online marketing solutions. Josh is a co-founder of Loyalty Lab, the top provider of loyalty and e-mail marketing solutions for multichannel retailers, with clients like Sears, 1-800-Flowers, Anthropologie, and dozens more. Now, with BluLabel, Josh works with marketers and media companies to provide social and mobile commerce solutions: clients include Hearst Newspapers, OpenTable, and Cumulus Media.  

Jessica Valenzuela
Founder, Mavin Digital and VP, Marketing and Business Development, Taptera
Mavin Digital

Jessica is a natural entrepreneur and creator.  At seven, she sold chocolates to her classmates under-cutting the school canteen. At 16, she already had a keen sense of bringing together the best and talented students on campus to produce a spectacular musical show. Jessica lead the cast from classroom to classroom to sell the show. Both dates were 100% sold out. 100% of ticket sales were donated back to the school’s beautification fund. While in Chicago, she helped launch a financial services online university then Jessica  transitioned to New York City while consulting for Accenture. Jessica’s passion for technology and design led to her producing memorable and award-winning digital advertising campaigns at Madison Avenue’s top agencies including Young & Rubicam’s Wunderman, Tribal DDB, Ogilvy Action and Dogmatic. In 2008, Jessica decided to flex her  entrepreneurial muscle by creating Mavin Digital, Inc. Her background is in project management, marketing management, content management and development of deep strategic partnerships. She attended the University of the Philippines and DePaul University in Chicago. When not creating, Jessica indulges in adventure travel, kiteboarding, snowboarding, climbing, food, wine, art and design.

Derek Van Nostran
Vice President – Brand Strategy
The Weather Channel

As Vice President of Brand Strategy for The Weather Channel, Derek Van Nostran leads a team with responsibility for all aspects of consumer and affiliate marketing for The Weather Channel brand including the cable network,, and industry leading mobile products and properties.  Derek has been with The Weather Channel since 2002 and during his tenure has overseen integrated marketing initiatives on all platforms including strategic marketing partnerships with companies including EA Games, Disney, and Major League Baseball.

Derek is a co-founder and past president of the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association and served as the New Media Chair for AMA-Atlanta.  A graduate of the University of Vermont, Derek resides in Atlanta.

Morgan Vawter
of Analytics & Optimization
MEA Digital

Morgan Vawter is the Director of Analytics and Optimization at MEA Digital. MEA Digital is a full service digital agency based in San Diego; current clients include Oakley,, Sunglass Hut, Ray-Ban, L’Oreal, Body Shop, OpenX, and TVG, among others.

Some say Morgan's first word was "Internet." Since then, she's demonstrated an uncanny knack for deciphering the complexities of the web. At age 16, she was selected to enroll in college two years early at the Georgia Academy of Mathematics, Engineering & Science. After graduating from Oglethorpe University, she spent years as a web analyst and Internet marketing consultant for Shell Oil, Qualcomm, and Cox Communications, among others. Now at MEA Digital, Morgan focuses on business analysis, strategic development, optimization, and multivariate testing, synthesizing multi–channel data to uncover insights and increase ROI for clients.

Peter C. VanRysdam
Chief Marketing Officer
352 Media Group

Peter is the Chief Marketing Officer of 352 Media Group and one of the company’s cofounders. Started out of a dorm room at the University of Florida more than 10 years ago, 352 Media Group now has over 65 employees, clients including Microsoft and Wells Fargo, and has been on the Inc. 5000 list of the fasted growing companies in the US for the past 5 years. In addition, Peter is a featured columnist on the social media and marketing blog He’s spoken at a variety of events including The Social Media Marketing Workshops in Miami and Las Vegas, various chapters of the American Marketing Association, the Jacksonville, FL and Gainesville, FL Chambers of Commerce, and the International Community College Futures Assembly.

Recently, Peter’s first book was published, Marketing in a Web 2.0 World: Using Social Media, Webinars, Blogs, and More to Boost Your Small Business on a Budget. It consistently ranks among the top online marketing books on Amazon.

Dilip Venkatachari
CEO & Co-Founder
Compass Labs

Dilip is CEO and co-founder of Compass Labs. He previously led Google’s mobile monetization business and had responsibility for all of PayPal’s risk and fraud management, card and bank processing relationships, and regulatory compliance. Dilip is a successful serial entrepreneur who has co-founded and led two successful start-up companies – CashEdge and CommerceSoft – after stints at McKinsey and Goldman Sachs. Dilip has an MBA from the Harvard Business School, M.S. in electrical engineering from Rice University, and a B.Tech in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

John Wallace

John Wallace has a successful track record applying data mining techniques to complex business problems, and specializes in designing applications to analyze customer profitability, customer loyalty, product profitability and product quality. His focus is on multichannel attribution and customer targeting. 

His consulting experience spans the automotive, financial services, ISP, grocery, wireless, retail, PC/server and consumer software industries. He has managed application development teams, created system architecture, developed new analytical methodologies, and estimated complex models. He leverages techniques that include text mining, response modeling, segmentation and hazard modeling. John holds an MBA in Decision Science from George Washington University.

Robert S. Wight
CEO and co-Founder
Channel Intelligence

Channel Intelligence CEO and co-founder Robert S. Wight, a 2004 finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Florida Award, has overseen the development of the products and services that has made CI a leading e-commerce technology provider.

Since its founding in 1999, CI has undergone tremendous growth and now has over 200 manufacturing and retailing customers across every product vertical and every day manages millions of products equaling over $3 billion in product value. In late 2006, Wight secured $15 million in funding from Internet Capital Group (ICG).

Prior to CI, Wight was recognized as one of the 20 most influential people in the storage software business, having held senior positions with a number of key technology corporations including Microsoft, Wang Labs, Avail Systems, Seagate Software, Conner Software Products, Archive Software and Maynard Electronics.

Amy Yates
Digital Marketing Leader

Amy Yates is the Digital Marketing Leader for iProspect with more than eight years experience in Internet marketing.  Passionate about the intersection of all digital channels, she leads strategy, positioning, implementation, and management for leading clients such as Cole Haan, Timberland, Dillard’s, Wyndham, and other Fortune 1000 companies.  Yates has one of the widest ranges of experience and expertise across the company, while consistently achieving impressive results for her clients.

From leveraging social media for SEO purposes to developing and presenting training on Facebook advertising best practices to clients, Yates is an industry expert on cross channel marketing, particularly focusing on the synergy of social media and search.

Most recently, Yates drove online marketing campaigns at Range Online Media, where she worked with the agency’s Fortune 500 clients to develop search and social media strategies and solutions.  Prior to that, she drove online marketing campaigns for Verizon and managed IT services for companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Bank of America.

Yates has provided commentary for multiple industry leading publications.

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