eMarketing Association

"I don’t believe that I have been as fully engaged in any conference for 2 solid days in my entire career!  Fantastic and relevant” – Rosemary Repar – Aline Technology

“Fantastic presenters.  Enjoyed the conference very much, learned a lot of actionable ideas” – Chanec Morse – 3M Company

“eMA conferences are relevant, value packed events. Lots of great networking with high caliber leaders in the industry” – Carol Chase – Business Development Strategy

“Confident, informative, insightful and relevant speakers.  Good ideas fantastic networking” – Ingrid Deuzeman – Schering-Plough

“Relevant content, good food, great networking” – Sundance Trosper – Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

“Great networking.  Speakers were varied, prepared and held interest.  I benefited from all aspects of this conference!” – Shelia Ryles - Cominco

“Great presentations with great content” – Kevin Peck – Godirect

“Great presenters, I can use something from every single presentation” – Marta Sylvia – University de Monterrey

“Very engaging presentations, nice meeting space” – Chari Kautz – Interior Savings

“Very relevant presentations, excellent’ – Angie Balzer – SD Assoc. of Healthcare Org.

“Great presentations and excellent content” – Ron Fink – Strategic Marketing Solutions

“Presenters gave talks that were extremely actionable.  Speakers gave ideas to immediately take away and use” – Lee Rush – Chem Art

“Fantastic information and networking” – Colleen Helland – Harris

“Just fabulous!  Can’t wait to tryout the twitter strategy” – Jessica Smith - (ISC)2

“Relevant and clear” – Enrique Moya – Tralix

“Outstanding, very progressive.  Great networking.  Very practical and beneficial presentations” -  Mary Padro – H.W. Lochner, Inc.

“Wow….very engaging” – Amber Caldren

“Relevant, great information that is practical for marketers” – Ellen Armijo – Genentech

“Off the charts great!” – Amanda Sullivan – Old Edwards Inn & Spa

“Amazing presentations full of best practices” – Jamie Miller – Carrabbas Italian Grill

“Great takeaways on hot topics” – Jennifer Long – Millennium Hotels and Resorts

The above quotes are a partial list from evaluation sheets from the 9th annual eMarketing Conference in ATLANTA - 2009. All quotes posted with permission of the attendee. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.

"learned a lot, very glad I chose this conference" - Rebeka Beteivagz- American Soccer Company

"Powerful content, conference was cool, smart and upbeat" - Bonnie Navare - Abbott Medical Optics

"Excellent wealth of knowledge, lots of great examples" - Andrea Rosien - Abott Medical Optics

"Very high value for this conference, thank you" - Charles Davis - Blast Advanced Media

"Interesting topics, good information" - Loren McDonald - Silverpop

"A+++ Value of conference, very engaging great networking group" - Crystal Kaiser - Search Placement

"Learned enough in this conference to really help begin my next phase of marketing" - Lisa Ferguson - Crawford Communications Group

"Really good content, excellent value" - Robin Kinerk - RainBird

"Engaging and relevant content, great energy" - Kristy Junio - Health Net

"Good insight, well presented" - Jeff Caplan - 89 Degrees

"Great lineup of presenters, well done, excellent value" - Sonya Lemonbrock
- MedPlus
"Great job, speakers and content were spot on. Excellent conference value" - Kirsti Scott - Scott Design

"Loved it, good content, very engaging, excellent value" - Cynthia Hester - HP

"Great conference, very engaging and great ideas, relevant and a excellent value" - Patti Henderson - Pearson Canada

"Great topics to implement into my marketing program" - Robin Sharpe - Results Cubed

"Great examples engaging and useful ideas, excellent value" - Mary Van Den Thewvel - Pubelo Resorts

"Super Fantastic conference value" - Cathy Leibrock - PSA "Great networking, content and value" - Gladys Norty

"High energy, excellent look to the future" - John Vrabel - Price Energy

"Exciting, entertaining with great audience engagement, very informative and fantastic networking" - Holly Revelle - Xpressive Marketing

"Content and conference value was great" - Joseph Zavorski - Live Face on the Web

"Excellent conference value, lots of energy useful and engaging" - Heather Damaso - The Carrot Agency

"Provided lots of good relevant reference materials" - Sandra Ferri - Pearson Canada

"Made great contacts, excellent presentations and value" - Lisa Gilbert - Sun Microsystems

"Nice networking, very informative" Brandon Ribota - Score Sports


The above quotes are a partial list from evaluation sheets from the 9th annual eMarketing Conference in San Francisco - 2009. All quotes posted with permission of the attendee. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.

"Fantastic speakers and content, excellent food and networking, great conference” – Alison Clewell, Victaulic

“engaging presentations, great food and good company” – Laura Hanson, The Hartford

“very informative, great info” – Tamara Stanley, Bright Horizons

“this was a fabulous conference for its content” – Kimber Graham, VHA, Inc.

“I learned a great deal, lots of new ideas” – Shelia Ryles, Teck Cominco

“Very relevant, some myths I believed were dispelled” – Jamie Sullivan, ETS

“loved the time for networking, great conference” – Karen Bowen, Racetrac Petroleum

“outstanding energy, great examples” – Chris Ramaglia, Discovertec

“above excellent” – Shawn Arnold, Christmas Place

“Awesome, loved the content great networking” – Jennifer Williams, Christmas Place

“best value of any conference, where else can you network with the top brass at Google” – Brandon Schmitz, Herzing College

“I was impressed, I am leaving this conference with a lot of great ideas and hope to return next year” – Heather Smith, Active Strategy

“very informative and relevant” – Sandra Ferri, Pearson Canada

“very insightful” – Calvin Coleman, Turner Broadcasting

“excellent and relevant material, networking and atmosphere” – Ali Sabkar, Zain

“this was fantastic” – Dana Moses, Intermec Technologies

“Very enjoyable and informative” – Todd Bullivant, Mondial Assistance

“speakers did not self promote, which is great. Very high quality speakers, carefully selected” - Gadi BenMark, Turnto Networks, Inc.

“terrific information and great networking” – Tom Edwards, Acxiom

“excellent” – Colleen Gerke, John Deere

“relevant and insightful” – Christina Ackeres, Moxie Interactive

“very good conference, great speakers and content, well organized/stayed on track and had very relevant topics” – Steve Gendrgan, Amica, Inc.

“it was a great experience for me and I am excited about the presentations” – Joseph Keppler, Wright Medical

“very dynamic presentations” – Beckey Meaker, Noirvells

“I have learned so much, great professional development” – Aerin Guy, Pearson Education

The above quotes are a partial list from evaluation sheets from the 8th annual eMarketing Conference in ATLANTA - 2008. All quotes posted with permission of the attendee. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.


"Excellent examples, really good info, relevant" - Kim Salyer, Structural Integrity

"I really enjoyed it" - Steve Sands, California Casualty

"Great networking event" - Stephanie Buckner RBC Insurance

"Great presentations, good insight" Michael Funke, AGF

"Clear, informative and relevant" Teri Elniski, Island Data

"Speakers presented real solutions to real challenges I have in my organization" - Ann Rutherfore, Telcordia

"Excellent takeaways" - Judy Hand, The University of Alabama

"Fantastic presentations and good information, content timely and relevant.
Easy to follow" - Meridity Lauer, Curwood

"Speakers had relevant content, presented new ideas and implementation strategies" Kati McClain

"Presenters were excellent, content was very beneficial and insightful" - Jill Hanegraaf-Staffeld, Curwood, Inc.

"Fantastic presentations about highly relevant subject matter" - Dan Pilon, Taubman

"Great access to speakers for follow-up and personalized advice" Anna Tschirhart, The Taubman Company

"This was my first eMA event, I really enjoyed the presentations, and will definitely be back" - Eric Petersen, Pinnacle Entertainment

The above quotes are a partial list from evaluation sheets from the 8th annual eMarketing Conference in San Francisco - 2008. All quotes posted with permission of the attendee. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.


“Well done, good info, easy to understand insightful”– H. Bryson,Cox

“very engaging, great content and presentation”- Seth Miller, TBS/TNT/TCM

“What I liked most about this conference is that the speakers provide actionable suggestions that all marketers can take back to their companies”- Joy Duginske, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois

“Awesome! Great attendees too, thanks”– Pamela Wong, Guidance Software

“Useful, actionable information, charming presentation”– Angela Clack, United States Automobile Association

“Very good information”– Kevin Bettmann , Land O’ Lakes

“learned a lot”-Jim Pietrick, 3M

“lots of good info that will be valuable for my program– Laura Kelley, Digitas

“Extremely relevant, helpful and insightful”– Michael Gomez, Kinect

“This is one of the most relevant conferences in the field”
– Michelle Martin, NASA Federal Credit Union

“Excellent experience, I plan to attend the next eMA event”
– Kristi Schneider, Alaska railroad

“Good content, loved hearing fresh strategies”
– Beth Hampton, OSA

"Thank you so much for having us in Atlanta! Great conference--Anna and I both really enjoyed everything and we look forward to San Francisco"
-Susan Delz, Ion Interactive

"Valuable speakers, great topics, wonderful contacts, fun people, great food and facilities. I had an awesome time and learned a lot that I can use"-Mary Gardner, Lifestyle Communications

"Many insights and takeaways"- Kara Blasco, Johnson and Johnson

"this is a great conference"- Colin Coleman, Tampa Bay Company

"great pace, valuable and new thought provoking content"- Jerry Roys, UPS

"Outstanding, highly relevant"- Amy Lutz, Shaw Industries

"The true value was that all the speakers picked up and justified what the industry standards are and what we can take back as actionable processes and best practices"- James Shelton, Blue Cross

"Great conference"- Lyzette San Germain, The Parenting Notebook

"Really liked the conference, lots of good info and advice I can take back for my web programs. Will plan to attend each year"- Linda Mueller, Bosch Tools

"Very well organized event! I enjoyed the speakers, the networking and convenient location, keep it up"- Tonie Scozzari,Ortivus

The above quotes are a partial list from evaluation sheets from the 7th annual eMarketing Conference in ATLANTA - 2007. All quotes posted with permission of the attendee. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.


“I usually find conferences boring and the materials often repetitive – Not this one though, a pleasant surprise and I will recommend to my peers and agencies– Lillian Young, Del Monte Foods

“Informative, relevant and well done”
– Marty Meyers, Infineum USA LP

“Fantastic presentations”
– Melanie Smith Illumina, Inc.

“Great Content”- Jonthan Levine, Zurich North America

“Great examples, inspiring. Good info and perspectives”– Michelle Roberts, Clorox Co.

“Great Speakers, I learned a lot”- Patrica Frasch

“Excellent event, great networking, met great people. Excellent presentations and atmosphere”– Stephanie Buckner RBC Insurance

“First time attendee, can’t wait for the next one”- Kristin Orlando, Suntena Resorts

“Well worth the investment. Good mix of topics”- Randy Hernandez, TargetBase

“I was impressed with the speakers knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to help with ideas and give strategies. Great time, great host, very generous, thanks!”– Christopher Bache, Marqus Advertising, Inc.

“Speakers talked about specific issues I am dealing with right now, gave lots of resources for later research”-Sandra Johansson, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

“Extremely helpful to my needs and interests, I will definitely be attending future events! Thank you for your hospitality”– Jenny Kimberly, Hyatt Regency, Denver

“First time attendee, I will be back. Fun and interesting, great job”– Julie Ede, Boston Scientific

“Very relevant, great setup, great food. “- Simone Grapini-Goodman, Ingenix

“Great networking, excellent presentations”– Amber Coldren, TradeWinds

“Enjoyed every presentation. Great networking, great food, good atmosphere. Great choice of speakers”- Bryan Shindledecker, Department of Defense

“Good mix of topics, great info”-Jennifer Kuzminski, Scholastic Book Fairs

“Excellent food, excellent opportunities for networking”– Garth Webster, Oneida Casino

“Overall, excellent”– Kim Celestre, Sun Microsystems

“My first time to an eMA event, very positive experience. This will help me and my team in developing best practices for our dealers”- Joseph E Albright, Caterpillar Inc.

“Provided information to go back to work and refine programs, and the stats to support it”– Brian Lambert, Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc.

“I got a lot out of the experience, the trip was very worthwhile”– Terri Humphreys, Garden of E

The above quotes are a partial list from evaluation sheets from the 7th annual eMarketing Conference in SF - 2007. All quotes posted with permission of the attendee. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.


"This was a great event! I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues and I will be coming back"- Jennifer Talcott

"Great job! You are doing us a favor by doing these events, I will come again next year. Speakers are very good and content very useful"- Israel Carunungan
The Bozzuto Group

"Great speakers and so much good information- Melissa Bucciarelli
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts"

"Very good time management, excellent networking"- Kelly Nakai
IDEA HealthandFitness Assoc.

"Great information - lots of ideas I can put to work immediately"-Shannon Scheiwiller

"Clearly outlined steps and processes that I could take back to my organization and implement quickly"- Melissa Teran
Davita, inc.

"Great information, clear and concise"- Dan Maiitland
Mulitview, Inc.

"High energy, very engaging, easy to follow"- Sara Stone
IDEXX Laboratories

"Very worthwhile conference, worth the flight to Boston"- Mary Hun
Pricewaterhouse Coopers

"Useful information and good networking"- Stacey DiCaro
Project Bread

"Nice atmosphere, excellent food, right size of group, good to see all the examples"- Peggy Lange
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc.

"Great insights, interesting stats and very engaging"- Natalie Speechley
Bisk Education

"Very well done, great speakers, excellent food and atmosphere"- Jay Welz.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

"The combined experience of the conference created the most value - this will help me formulate strategies to execute. Virtually every presenter brought an element to create a strategy. I really enjoyed the conference, lots of practical takeaways"- Brian Gale
Christian Children's Fund

"Excellent job, upbeat, detailed and actionable"- Susan Kuniski
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

"The speakers presented the facts that I came for and had well done presentations. The food was great as well as the Content and value of the conference. I will definitely be back for another eMA event. "- Brandon Schmitz
Herzing College

The above quotes are from evaluation sheets from the 6th annual eMarketing Conference in BOSTON - 2006. All quotes posted with permission of the attendee. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.


"Thank you very much! I just did a knowlede share with my team yesterday regarding the conference and again, am so very pleased that I went. The information and speakers you lined up were excellent! I wish you all the best success for EM East! "-Ruby Gates
Better Management

"eM6-west was the most informative and productive conference I have attended. The speakers, sessions, atmosphere and networking opportunities were excellent. I highly recommend this conference."-Ross Federgreen

"It was an incredible event, and I enjoyed meeting with you. I look forward to attending the next event if it is possible in Boston. Thank you!"
-Heather Paulson
Partner Centric

"This event was PERFECT!"-Roxanne "Rox" Holland
Dragon Hill Lodge

The above quotes are from evaluation sheets from the 6th annual eMarketing Conference in San Francisco - 2006. All quotes posted with permission of the attendee. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.

"Wow! Great met a lot of fantastic people and know that this conference will be of great use to me. Exciting information, generated many ideas, support staff was very helpful."
Mary Bruchard - Amica Life Insurance Company

"I was very impressed with the caliber of the speakers. I found the conference to be extremely valuable and plan to recommend that additional co-workers attend the next conference."
Amy Renzolli - Blue Cross-Blue Sheild of IL

"Excellent presentations, great information"
Debbie English - Discover Financial

"The conference was excellent! Thanks"
Rollande Merz - Measured Progress

"This conference has the right elements, and met my expectations were were high"
Leslie Schworm - Georgia-Pacific Corp

"Very relevant information, very informative. "
Julie McKenzie - PPD, Inc.

"Really enjoyed the presentations and speakers. Nice cross section of vendor experts and business leaders"
Mathew Cole - Boston Scientific

"The first event I have been to, that applied applicability and ROI on lessons learned"
Scott Walker - Asco Valve

"Great speakers and ACCESS to speakers. Relevant examples, presented in an interesting and energetic way"
Wirt Confroy - Virginia Tourism

"The topics selected were right-on"
Chris Morrissey - Markem Corporation

"organized well, appreciated the opportunity to network and talk to speakers during breaks and lunch"
Dennis Moses -Chevron

The above quotes are from evaluation sheets from the 5th annual eMarketing Conference in Boston-2005. Quotes below are from the first 5 eMarketing Conferences. All quotes posted with permission of the attendee. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.

"This was amazing!! I will recommend this to my associates"
Lindsey Byrnes - Thrasher Magazine

"Great food, great company, great time!"
Dadie Resch - Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau

"great information - great program"
Diane DeRose - San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau

"overall a very thought provoking, innovative conference filled
with the best of the best in the business"
Nick Trusty - University of Missouri

"Very good, informative speakers and content"
Linda Horowitz - IndyMac Bank

"I learned a ton. Loved the location of hotel, Very informative"
Melissa Astar - Schwan's Food Service, Inc.

"Very impressive. Great presentations and really useful info"
Dan Felger - The Zodiac Group, Inc.

"Cutting edge conference"
Jennifer Long - Destination Hotels and Resorts

"Conference is packed with valuable up to date information"
Michael Grzywinski - Discover Financial

"this conference exceeded my expectations"
Kimberly LeVasseur - Siteware

"Positive energy"
James Barker - Transendigital

"I would recommend this conference to peers"
Stephane Bosse - Bell Canada

"Great info, very interesting, good presenters"
Sandy Pennell - Aventis Pasteur

"Engaging, informative, well done"
Susan Goldstein - ASCD

"Triggered a lot of great ideas, enjoyed rich media"
David Temple - DuPuy Orthopaedics, Inc. a Johnson & Johnson Company

"very valuable information - I can't wait to put it all into my marketing strategy"
Wendy Hamel - RAID Incorporated

"I liked the overall diversity of the program and the fact that it touched on
almost every aspect of emarketing at an executive level"
Adrian Marrullier - Bisk Education

"Everything at the hotel was excellent. Good animated speakers"
Randy Byrne - Malvern Instruments

"I liked it, great speakers, fun audience and a fun atmosphere. I learned a lot
that will help fine tune our strategy"
Katarzyna Turowska - Spiralock Corporation

"Excellent - keep up the good level, very actual examples"
Frederico Mojica - International Pharmacy, SA

The above quotes are from evaluation sheets from the 4th annual eMarketing Conference. Quotes below are from the first 3 eMarketing Conferences. All quotes posted with permission. Written testimonials on file at the eMarketing Association.


"Loved the panel question and answer period and got us all involved."

"Great conference, beautiful view and and articulate speakers."

"Great networking, good focus on relevant emarketing issues."

"Great content and speakers, valuable presentations in a beautiful surroundings. Wonderful attendees as well."

"Very well run conference, well worth it."

"Extremely worthwhile, great networking, good presenters and topics."

"Very glad that sessions were not commercial, great event."

"There were many relevant and useful speakers, extremely valuable presentations, plus the food was grea!t"

"Great variety of topics speakers were very professional, I will be back."

"Best conference period. Food, networking and attendees made this a good investment for me, plus I had fun!"

"This event was just another example of the expertise the eMA assembles for their members and attendees. Totally worth the cost, and then some!"

"The best conference value out there. Great speakers and presentations, actionable ideas. Even the luncheon was top notch."

"Very professional atmosphere, top level presentations, agenda. I will be back next year."

"Great day, this is the first event that I ever went to that I actually learned something new."

"As usual, everything was very professionally done, the speakers were very informative, and the atmosphere was most pleasant. A day very well spent, and good value for the registration dollar!"

"Increased my awareness/knowledge of the importance and power of eMarketing, and strategies that work."

"First conference I've attended in 2 1/2 years which has been this informative."

"I Learned a lot that I can implement immediately."

"Sessions went by in a flash, very compelling presentations."

"Well worth the registration fee, lots of actionable information."

"The first conference I have been to that really focuses on the issues of eMarketers."

"Finally a conference that delivers strong eMarketing content."

"Great conference!"

"Very professional, I will be back."

A great conference, fluid, informative, humorous and relative."

"Excellent presentations and networking opportunities, I took away more than expected."

"The Power of eMarketing Conference was the best investment I have ever made in an event."

"Excellent presentations, location, food and networking, I made a lot of good contacts here."


The eMarketing Association (eMA) reserves the right to make changes to the events agenda. Unforeseen circumstances may result in the substitution of a presentation, venue, topic or speaker. The eMA reserves the right to reject or rescind any registration and return registration fees accordingly. Registrant, speaker, sponsor or other attendee or agent assumes all risks incidental to participation in all event activities, including loss or damage to property. eMA's total liability shall be limited to the amount of fees received, if any, from a particular registrant. The eMA takes photos and videotapes of this event, by attending you give permission to use images taken at the conference, as well as any written comments on our evaluation forms in advertising and promotion for the eMA.