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eMarketing is the segment of marketing practice focused on the Internet and other technologies. The primary channel is the Internet, but other electronic channels such as private wide area networks, wireless cellular communications, gps enabled local electronic marketing, Bluetooth, offline support of websites, ecommerce, smart chip marketing and others are included in the eMarketing arena. The eMA is the leader in providing outstanding resources, events and certifications in this arena.

The eMarketing Association (eMA) is the world's largest international association of emarketing professionals. Members include governments, companies, professionals, and students involved with the emarketing arena. The eMA provides marketing resources, services, research, certifications, educational programs and events to its members and the marketing community. The eMA works with a number of organizations, companies and governments on issues related to eCommerce, multi-channel marketing and legislative issues. The eMA has members in over 40 countries around the world, and sponsors or manages over 30 events a year. Over 5,000 marketers have enrolled in eMA online courses and thousands of eMarketing professionals and students have achieved certification status.

Membership in the eMarketing Association, recognized worldwide, indicates a commitment to our profession as well as to professional development and achievement. eMA certifications are endorsed by governments, educational boards, colleges and universities, and provide eMarketers with a tangible credential for advancement in our field.

The eMA advocates ethical practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eMail marketing, and web site promotion. Members subscribe to a strict code of ethics prohibiting spam, unethical SEO techniques and other practices that are not in compliance with honest and ethical business practices.

The eMarketing Association holds two conferences a year on the east and west coasts of the United States. Additionally, the association supports, sponsors and advises over 30 other industry events. eMA Conferences are designed for professional experienced marketers. For those that are just getting started in emarketing or professionals that would like to enhance there resume and further their careers we provide a number of online educational opportunities and professional certifications for people at all levels in this arena. Membership is not a requirement to attend conferences or participate in online educational programs.

The eMA has offices in Rhode Island and California. For more information email

The eMA is committed to enriching the marketing community and its members through recognition, research, advocacy, education, and service.

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The eMarketing Association (eMA) reserves the right to make changes to the events agenda. Unforeseen circumstances may result in the substitution of a presentation, venue, topic or speaker. The eMA reserves the right to reject or rescind any registration and return registration fees accordingly. Registrant, speaker, sponsor or other attendee or agent assumes all risks incidental to participation in all event activities, including loss or damage to property. eMA's total liability shall be limited to the amount of fees received, if any, from a particular registrant. The eMA takes photos and videotapes of this event, by attending you give permission to use images taken at the conference, as well as any written comments on our evaluation forms in advertising and promotion for the eMA.