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Speaker Presentations - San Francisco - 2006 (DAY 1)

Conference Keynote Address:
Trends and outlook - 2006

S. Murray Gaylord - Presentation.PPT
Vice President
Brand Marketing

Case History - The world's largest hotel brand - best practices

Del Ross - Presentation
Vice President
Global E-Commerce Services
InterContinental Hotels Group

Utilizing web and data customization to enhance ROI and user experience

Steve St. Andre - Presentation
President / COO
Ford Direct

Trends, Outlook, and Best Practices of Online Advertising

Greg Stuart - Presentation.PPT
IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau

Effective Email Marketing Processes and Practices

Bill Nussey - Presentation.PPT
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mobile Marketing, delivering effective programs for maximum impact and response

Laura Marriott - Presentation.PDF
Executive Director
Mobile Marketing Association

Achieving integration and developing "brand" synergies in a multi-channel, fragmented media environment

Rick Szatkowski - Presentation
VP, Business Development
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc

Speaker Presentations - San Francisco - 2006 (DAY 2)

Conference Keynote Address: Day 2
Changing consumer appetite for online advertising

Charlie Tillinghast - Presentation.PPT

Mobile eMarketing: Wireless Email, Lead Generation and Branding in the Wireless World

Rip Gerber - Presentation.PDF

Optimal Reach and Frequency to Conversion: How important is it for you? When is enough enough? When do your prospects pass the “point of no conversion”?

Alistair Goodman - Presentation.PDF
Vice President Strategic Marketing
Tribal Fusion

Creating Success using Diverse Marketing Channels

John Squire - Presentation
General Manager of Marketing Services and Vice President of Product Strategy


Your House File is Your Most Valuable Marketing Tool: Here’s How to Build It Using Online Customer Acquisition

Jere Doyle - Presentation

Beyond email marketing: Using Podcasts, RSS, and other technologies to build customer relationships.

David A. Fish - Presentation.PPT
Chief Executive Officer
IMN (iMakeNews, Inc.)

Television vs. Online Advertising: Finding the best of both worlds in online video content

John Ferber - Presentation
Chief Product Officer

Search - Paid and Organic, best practices and strategies for enhanced ROI, traffic and conversions

Kevin Lee - Presentation.PPT
Co-Founder/ CEO